Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How my views have changed

When I look in the mirror now I see an (almost!) 32 year old, someone who looks tired from the lack of sleep. Someone who has laugh lines, and starts of wrinkles, and tons of grey hair. Someone who's gotten more round and fluffy. One that looks down at her deflated - well, it's not deflated anymore, it's full of food - belly and longs for another baby, until the current ones start screaming. A person who still longs for more travel, more family time, more (or even one!) date nights with her husband of almost 11 years.
I see the way my husband looks at me, and know that he loves me more today, than the day he married me at our ripe ages of 20. Someone who bends over backwards, forwards, sideways and sometimes puts his head up his own ass, all because he says he's the head of the house, and taking care of us is his life mission. Someone who gets frustrated one minute, but a simple "I love you dad." softens him like butter. Someone that's still growing, and liking what he's becoming.

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