Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sick kiddos are so not fun

   Tuesday when B went down for his nap, he woke up 30 minutes into it doing his "something-is-wrong-get-your-ass-in-here-cry", and when I walked him he was all clear snotty, and was puking up the clear drainage. Yay. So I clean him up, give him a milk and he stays in there another 20 minutes. But, when he gets up he's got a fever, then a rattle started in his chest, and some snot.
   Seriously, it was in a nap-time span that it went from him being ok, to him being sick!

   That night we put him to bed in his room, but after 3 hours, I kicked Rich to B's bed, and B took his spot. We don't cosleep, so that'd been the first time he's been in bed with me in about a year - neither of us slept well. Either from being next to each other - which, when he's sick, is hte only time he wants to snuggle - and him being sick and waking up a lot, we were both grumpy the next morning.
   He kept wheezing a lot - I would have done anything for a neubulizer to see if it would have helped - it freaked me out. He'd be semi-sleeping, then just sit up out of the blue and cough really hard, dislodge the phlegm, then curl back on my arm. It was so hard to watch.
   I got B an appointment yesterday at 11:10 - our pediatricians are amazing! The NP did her evaulation, and turns out he has croup. CROUP. No bueno.
   She gave him a medicine to help with the inflamation, then a steroid for his right ear - it was a little pink, so she wanted to be safe.

   I sent Rich to the health food store to pick up some essential oils (eucalyptus) to put in his cool mist humidifer to help keep his chest open - which, by the way, worked out amazingly well last night!
   So lil'man got all his meds, and finally went to sleep around 11pm, up at 130am, then again at 6am, then finally at 8am. He slept better last night, which I was so happy about.

   (On a side note, B hates cosleeping as well - last night when he was fighting sleep around 9pm, I sent Rich in there to see if he wanted him to lay down with him, and he shoved him out of bed. I went in there, curled up next to him, and I got shoved out of the bed. Seriously people, he'll shove you until you move. Haha! He's a serious this-is-my-bed-get-the-hell-out type of kiddo.)

Keeping up with his meds and temps :(

After the doc appointment we went to Walmart to try to get his meds filled asap, so we walked in the toy section and he played with the FurReal Pets (he likes the black/white pets the best, not sure as to why) and the Fijit (which we want to get him for Christmas). In the end he walked away with a plastic recorder, and a cheap tea set - he freaked out when we left the doc office and he had to put the tea set down. Haha!

B, a 16 month old who was getting her shots, and Rich. See my kid is huge.

After his nap where he puked :( Poor lil'dude.

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  1. Aw, poor kiddo. He looks absolutely miserable in that last photo. There only thing worse than getting the shots is probably having to be the one who watches them get the shots :(

    Hope he's feeling better now & you guys have your bed back.


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