Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dump, Picture Dump that is

   I suck at life right now, I know, but you'll get over it Blogger'ville :) I've got a sick kid - again! So to make it easy I'll do some picture dumps really quick, and relieve myself - and allow you to get a glimpse at my so awesome kid and get your fix.  Can you tell I like my kid? Psh, whatev, I'll probably like yours too. :)

This was him a month ago I think when he got diagnosed with Croup. That shit wasn't fun for any of us.

Our friends daughter, Rose, now lives with us. She moved in the second week of school - she's a senior - while her dad is working in D.C. and unitl he get a job back down here. We were friends with her stepmom here (that's a whole other blog post, trust me) so she's just not some random teenager who lives with us. Ha! She does amazing with B, always has - they were there for us before I ever got pregnant - and a big help. (::cough:: when she's not acting like a regular hormonal teenage girl, that is ::cough::)

The picture is of her homecoming dance (seriously this town goes to the extreme for their sucky football team - they get out school early, have a freakin' parade, dress up every day the whole week of homecoming and a whole bunch of other crap. It's insane - and I"m from Texas where football is second to God himself and big hair.) and her date, Nathan.

Rosie and B hanging out on the couch one morning - they were both grumpy, as you can tell. I'm sure she doens't enjoy getting up when he does - no one gets to sleep in, you hear me? No one. If momma doesn't get to, you don't get to. Well, I say that, but Rich lets me sleep in some on the weekends, which is a Godsend, seriously.

Dude, you seriously wish your kid was as badass as mine. ;)

He was ready to go! Please note the necklaces,braclets and the pink makeup bag thing. He has no shame carrying girl stuff.

He's Superman!
Ok, he would have been if he hadn't outgrown his costume in two weeks, then he became a football player.

He tried to put on his own shorts, and decided that Rose's undies belonged on his head.

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