Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Numero Dos

   Braxton is coming up on his second birthday, (holy hell, can you believe it?!) and that has us thinking of trying for bambino #2. We're not getting any younger - we'll be 30 next July - and we need to get to hoppin' (no pun intended) if we want them pretty close in age.

   There is a fantastic photographer named Nicole Jade who lives here in Florida, and she posted a birth photo/video of a couple, and it just made me want another. It gave me chills, made me teary eyed - add in that when B heard the music, he came and crawled in my lap, and in those very short toddler-attention-span he watched it, swayed to the music.
   He had no idea what I was watching, or the thought that were going through my head, all he knew was that mommy hugged him extra tight, kissed him too many times and fought back tears. I finally get what Kourtney Kardashian was boohoo'ing about on the final episode when she went in to have baby Penelope. (Ok, I so just said a Kardashian was right, don't stone me, ok?) Once you take that step into baby #2, the first kid's world changes. He's not longer the sole focus, he's no longer the only one who gets cuddle time in bed on weekends becuase he fights sleep. He'll have to share you with another baby, and that's tough for me to grasp.
   But I'm sure the cliche remark of "your heart grows for every kid to accomodate the love you have for them" is true - I mean, all the other motherhood BS has been so far. Haha!

   We've sat and talked about not adding another kid to the mix as well, we want to spoil the shit out of B - give him everything he could need/want - and keep him from being a spoiled brat. Haha! We think long term - I want to put him in a good private school, activities (I'm already itching to get him into toddler gymnastics!), college, a wedding, etc. It'd just be cheaper with one versus two or three.
   But, in our hearts, we know he needs atleast one sibling. We want him to grow up knowing what it's like to sit up late at night in bed talking about nonsense to your brother/sister, whispering, trying not to get caught because it's after bedtime. Who didn't enjoy doing that as a kid? I want him to know that, God forbid, aything happen to either me or Rich, he has a sibling - someone who shares his blood and same parents, who love him. See, long term.

   We're toying with the idea of #2, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Life has a funny way of happening - we have so much up in the air right now with Rich's job (Please send a prayer up he gets this higher position he's applying for, he seems super excited at the prospect of it. Also pray with the new contract next year,and he gets on!), we need to find a different house, we need to get a second car desperatly, and some how find that illusive thing called the Money Tree. ;-)

   So I guess just stay tuned....

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  1. Fuck, if you find a money tree can you be a doll & at least send me a branch? Just a little one.

    The hubs & I have really been talking about having a baby now. We've also talked about whether we'd stop at one or go for two...which is still up in the air. I loved having a younger brother that was only a 1.5 yrs younger than me, the hubs didnt care for having a sister that was 4 yrs older, so if we end up going for 2 kids it'll have to be somewhat close to one another. I kinda giggled when you brought up the whole long-term thing cause that's how we think too. We want to send our kid(s) to private school so the thought of only having to pay for one is a lot better than having to pay for two :)

    Good luck making your decision! Although, I say you have another one.


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