Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Backtracking to some Christmas stuff

Somehow we turned into ornament people, and I"m not sure how it happened. But, my smaller white tree - the first tree we ever got as a married couple - has gotten pretty full over the last 7+ years, and I get excited every year to add more. Usually we each get one, and it can  be whatever we want, then we get one for "us" together, sometimes the animals get one even. Ok, and even if we find one that is too cute, we grab it.

I didn't get to take any of the new ones we got this year, or all the ones my Mom got us, but these are some of our older ones we like.

I picked this up at Kohl's our first year in Florida - and I got it in Texas. Odd.

This was '10s ornament since I was all knocked up with B. :)

We're a UT house - and trust me, we have so many of these on the tree.

Yea, *NSYNC, baby. I've had this for 10+ years.

Mom got B this before he was born, it was his first ornament.

I got this the same time I got the FL one, I want to go to Paris, and until then, the ornament is a constant reminder I still haven't gone.

My best friend got me this 10+ years ago, I was a huge Elvis fan growing up (shocked?!), and I've hauled him around ever since.

Rich is a huge Family Guy fan (ok, and a American Dad and the Cleveland Show as well), so this was fitting for him.

We love the show Friends, and remember how they talked about Rachael and Ross being lobsters? Yea, we're cheesy and have a lobster ornament for us. :)
Rich dressed up like Santa this year in the hopes Tiff's kids would just flip out and be excited. B was terrified.

Know how the kids took it? We got up early to set stuff out, woke them up to come catch Santa and they just walked in there and said "We know it's you uncle Rich." and took their happt butts back to bed! Seriously.  
Brax had just woke up, so it was taking him a minute to figure out what the  hell was happening.

I have more, but they're not on this computer - and my other computer is being a turd. Hello, HP, I need it fixed, it makes me so sad I can't use my big awesome touch-screen computer, and having to use my 5+ year old laptop that hates me half the time. Hmmm... Santa?!

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