Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Picture dump

Braxton getting his first haircut

Man, was he pissed!

But looks so handsome :)

One of our friends got him this trampoline for his birthday, he's really starting to get the hang of it now. It's awesome too, the handle folds over so it's easily put away! Psh, like anything ever gets put away at our house.

Ohh... our poor cat, Jesse James. Braxton LOVE him. He mostly just wants to lay on him, and Jesse puts up with it, until B pulls his hair.


He was trying to make an escape! 

Just hanging out.

On our trip to TX for Christmas we stopped at a Catfish Village (oh how we miss them!) and they had this cute UT hat for kids :) B hasn't gotten the hang of wearing it yet, but he will.

We have a picture of Tucker chewing on a bow from Christmas, and now one of B wearing one, haha!

On our way back to FL we stopped in LA and saw my oldest-bestest-friend-ever, Angela, and her two kids and ate lunch and spent time. We miss them terribly.
Seriously, when the hell did I get a toddler?!

He's obsessed with the dryer. Sad thing isthe light is out in mine, and he doens't care, he just wants to hang out.

Awww, Rich did this :)

See! He just lays on him.

Daddy and B sporting UT hats :)

We now eat PB&J, and love it! Ok, sometimes. He's in a picky food mood right now for some reason. Some stuff he won't eat today, then tomorrow he'll eat itall.

This is from this fall.
Around early winter.

Just playing with the letters on the fridge.

Mom got him this carseat cover, and it's the best thing ever! It was a lifesaver on the trip to TX - if he stopped food all over him, no biggie, just took it out, knocked all out and put back. Sweet.

Someone found my wallet :)

"What mom? Crap, stop taking so many damn pictures, woman!"

Mardi Gras beads are all he needs some days.

He got his year shots the day before (we actually did them last week), and he'd started to feel bad.

See?! Made me sad.

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  1. Damn you for having such a cute baby (or should I say 'toddler')! My ovaries are going crazy over here with all this adorableness.


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