Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This blogging thing is so hard once the baby is here, I don't know how other  bloggers do it! I'm exhausted when I go to bed at night - and trust me, I try for as close to 10 pm as I can! *haha* I want to get on here and spill about my day, but by the time I get him to bed, I need to eat, shower, clean up some (I've pretty  much reserved myself to one big cleaning a week, adn small ones throughout the week), spend time with Rich and catch up on any TV shows that I can.

It's tough! That, or I suck at time management, which is a huge possibility. :)

But, with that said, I'm trying. I really am. This blog has been neglected, and so has my personal one, and it makes me very sad. I wanted to be able to blog every day (Psh, ok, like that'll happen!), or atleast every other about how life is going with a new baby, but, alas, that hasn't worked.

 Dangit. Maybe. Ok, I'll give it my best shot, that's all one can ask, right?

So, what's been happening lately?

* Braxton is almost 9 1/2 months old. Shesh! We're already thinking of ideas for his first birthday - which makes me sad because he'll be a year old. But, yay! I've kept him alive that long! My mother-in-laws-tongue plant isn't so lucky, I really need to water it.

* We've began walking as a family every day when Rich gets home from work. Braxton seems to enjoy it, he gets to look around, and he really loves it when kids go by - makes me want to give him a sibling ASAP. *haha*

Rich is down nearly 30 lbs from watching his calories, walking with us, and running/working out on weekends. Me? I've gained weight. I'm an emotional eater, and trust me, there is enough going on in life to be emotional about.

* We gave away one of our cats, Diego. I hated to do it, but he was a VERY needy little man who we've had for 3 years, but it was honestly for the best. He went to live with Melissa, our friend, and loves being there because he has 2 other cats to play with, and gets to go outside -which he couldn't do here since we literally live in teh middle of town. We get to see him often when we go out there to spend time, so it's nice.

We still have Bocephus, dog, and Jesse James, the other cat.

* We're planning out trip home for Christmas, it's stressful.

* I've introduced Brax to milk. Yes, at 9 months, shun me mothers! *haha* I feel he's ready to start weaning from the bottle - he does it on his own a lot anyway, and only gets 3 a day. The Nurse Practioner about had a fit when I told her, and told me to take him off now. No way, Jose. Brax loves it, and has done amazing with it, no reactions (knock on wood!), and now gets it twice a day, 3 bottles, watered down juice or just water.

We'll continue with giving him milk, and bottles until he's one, where I'll cut the formula out completly. It works for us.

When I give him something other than formula, it goes in a sippy cup of somesort, so I'm well on my way to having him bottle free  before a year I hope.

The Nurse Practioner also freaked out because he's had eggs... months ago. I told he was hungry, he hadn't had any reactions to anything yet (again, knock on wood) so I gave it to him and he enjoyed it. He gets it every now and then, and it works for us.

We're not pushing the envelope on anything, but we're letting him lead us onto what he likes.

* And the little man is up from his nap - less than two hours this time. Shesh. Heard of sleep, man?!

I made spaghetti noodles mixed with spaghetti squash and sauce and he loved it :)

Something on my nose?!

My kid loves water. *haha*

Oh, my little man.

Rich picked the binky, can you tell? Dang football. :) *haha*
Seriously, those  blue eyes will melt anyones heart.

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  1. I think it's great that you're letting him choose what he wants to eat. Not every child is the alike so the fact that you're doing things a little different & at your pace seems like a good thing :)


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