Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cell phone picture dump!

I take a TON of pictures of Braxton with  my phone, so I went through the past few months and picked some fo my favorites :)

He's graduated from this duck tub - which was awesome, and another garage sale find! - to the regular tub, but he loved it. His face is just too funny.

Yes, poop. Everywhere. It was so foul.

Our friends teenager daughers boyfriend brought this back from Spain for B- he looooves it. It sings the Spanish soccer anthem-song-thing.

Hej ust looked cute.

Snuggling in bed with me :)

Yuuuum, corn!
Father's Day morning

He wanted to help fold clothes - he really didn't do much. *haha*

See this red wagon? Don't mess with it, he'll bite your head off.

He loves that piano. Also the foam mat thing  he's standing on has been moved into what was our dining room, so all his big toys are now in there on that.

Silly face

He zonked out when we me and my Dad went to Destin.
What I'm thinking will be Brax's halloween costume, not sure though. We got it at a garage sale for .50!

Mom calls him Buddy, and I just happened to find a My Buddy doll for $1 at a garage sale, I couldn't resist.

Loooordy, he loves making a mess. He'll pull everything off of the microwave cart.

He was "talking" to me, and it looks like he's screaming at me, haha!

I wish my living room looked this clean right now.

Just a funny picture - he looks so proud of himself.

I picked this up on clearance at Carter's when he was about 3 months old, I got it for $1.
I can't keep him in the living room, especially when there is a cat to  be chased.

See, no dining room. Baby room.

Him being a sick boy snuggling with me for a nap.

Sick, but loving Sesame Street - it's the only show that holds his attention.

I taught him "raise the roof!", and of course "give me five!" - should have started off with "hi/bye", haha!

Everytime he smiles he does this snort face.
More playtime.

Raising the roof again.

Messy boy.

Sick boy.

It took us nearly 8 months before he'd hold a binky by himself, now he loves the thing and doesn't want to go without it.

Brax and Daddy watchign "Despicable Me"

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  1. Talk about cuteness overload! The bathtub photo was so adorable...the poop one, not so much haha.


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