Saturday, September 3, 2011

Snotty nose and kidney stones, oh my!

It's been an interesting week here - we've never really had Braxton sick before until now. Rich came home with some sniffles from work, which isn't unusual since he teaches adult students, who have their own kids, germs are everywhere! We figured it was just allergies, and he was fine within 48 hours anyway. Next thing I know, I've got the sniffles and so does B.

I still think it's a bad case of allergies since we have another friend who's daughter is doing the same thing, but we've kept an eye on it. So he gets a dose of baby Benadryl at night, baby Vicks VaporRub on the bottoms of his feet and chest, saline drops in his nose and we're now the proud owners of a battery operated nose-sucker. It's amazing.
Brax hates, loathes, just gets plain ol'pissed off when we use regular nose-suckers, so we shelled out the $20 for a glorified snot-sucker-upper that plays music. *haha* It's been worth every penny in our opinion. He still hates it, and squirms away, but it gets the job done faster.

So I've had a sick B-man for a week now. Downside: besides him being sick, he's not sleeping well and a bit irritable. Upside: He wants to snuggle (which can also be a downside when I have things that need to be done), and keep us close while he plays. Can't beat that.
We bought this ottoman from Target a few months ago, and at the time it was the perfect size for his toys - not so much now. We have one of those huge tubs that Walmart sells with the rope handles for them now, and this is used for his misc stuff animals.

I watched him the other day lean over to grab a toy, throw it out, and go back for another one that was further down, inturn he got stuck half in-half out. It was too funny and cute, and obviously I stepped back to see if he'd be able to get himself right, but had to do it for him.

I really do try not to be a "helicopter mom" around him - I want him to fall, bump his head, smash his fingers and such to learn, but in a controlled enviroment where I know he won't hurt himself, just enough for him to realize that "ouch! that hurt." kind of thing.

We have our cells and house phone with us at all times, so he always wants to play with them, which he obviously can't. Rich pulled out a box of our old phones from Alltel, and gave B his old Blackberry - no battery, no worries! It keepshim from playing with ours, and lets face it, it's too cute to see him hold it up and babble at us.

I have no idea why I never thought of taking B outside to play with the waterhose before, but he loooved it! He's a huge water-baby to begin with, so it wasn't a suprise.

We sat him up on the glass pation table - with us behind/beside him, he was in the middle - and sprayed him/me with it. He mainly wanted to drink from the spout, but it was hot outside, so he enjoyed cooling off.

Yes, he's naked as a Jaybird. To be honest, I hardly put him in swim bottoms when we play in the water (just make sure he's already pooped for the day, haha!), we just let him go natural.

Who can resist a baby tushy? Haha! 

I picked up this touch-book at a gargae sale for .25 cents, and it's been awesome! Brax likes touching stuff, we read it a few times a day, and I usually just leave it in the floor with him, and I'll catch him playing with it.

See that penguin beside him? It was the best $2 find at a garage sale ever for this age. About a month an da  half ago he was scared of it, two weeks later it was his best friend. He'll scream at it, bat it around so it wobbles and the balls move and it "wooohooo's!" at him, and he's a happy little man. I have some of the funniest videos of him on my phone with this, I'll have to upload them.

I knew kids were messy, I have a niece and nephew for goodness sakes, but wow. WOW. This is only a quarter of our living room, so you can't see how much of a mess he makes, but it's a lot. I used to go behind him and clean it all up, but I figured it was a waste of time. Now I just make sure there is a path out the door to the kitchen during the day, and wait until he goes to bed to clean everything up, it works out better.

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