Saturday, August 13, 2011

That's it, we're putting a phonebook on his head!

  Braxton is 8 months. 8! Where did my little baby go? There are times I miss him being so tiny - as tiny as my Godzilla baby could be - and used to sleep. *lol* But to get to watch him figure stuff out, laugh, play, feed himself - it's all wonderful, even if it breaks my  heart a little bit.

  I used to think people were crazy when t hey'd say "the days are long, but the years are short" when it came to babies/kids - but they're not! It's flown by so quick already, we're down 4 months left before he turns a year old. Whoa.

  I sat yesterday and just watched him play with some of his toys - he's such a boy with them! He wants to figure out how stuff works, why's it doing whatever it's doing, he wants to know! Guess it won't  be long and he'll be tearing things apart, using that excuse. *lol*

  He's also all boy in the fact that he likes boobies. Yes. Boobs. Chi-chis. Tata's. Whatever you want to call them, he's about them. If a pretty girl walks by, he's turning his head to look. Oh, oh - as a matter of fact, me Rich and him were grocery shopping at Walmart and a very pretty lady walked by, Rich turned and peeked (hey now, she was pretty!) and Braxton didn't just turn his head, oh no. He turned his entire body around in a circle while I was holding him. So, yes, he's all boy. Ladies watch out.

   I saw it a lot, but I mean it too, he's a damn good baby. Now that's not to say that he doesn't have his horrible days - trust me, we just went through 2+ weeks of them. Downfall of him being grumpy and not sleeping is me being grumpy and not sleeping. I'd contimplated on going back on Prozac, I was snippy, wanted to cry, short tempered and just plain tired.
  I'd gone on Prozac about two months after he was born, but got off of it after about 2-3 months before the "baby blues" had passed, and have been feeling fine ever since. (I have no issues saying I've been on Prozac, I have situational anxiety, and every now and then when my life is going crazy, I have to go on it until it settles back down. *lol*) But, I realized that I didn't need the  meds this time, it was a phase and would pass... eventually. *lol* And, I'm knocking on wood as I type this , it has I think.
  He's still a little fussy, I think we're cutting some new teeth and going through a growth spurt, so it's to be expected. One day at a time! :)

  Could that face make you melt anymore?! Aww. :) He's my blued-eyed monster baby! *lol* Who's 8 freakin' months. Since Florida has a butt-ton of phonebooks every year - seriously, we get, like, 5-6! - we'll put some on his noggin' to stop him from growing up so fast on me. 

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