Thursday, August 11, 2011

He'll be 8 freakin' months in 2 days, really?!

I suck, I know. I really don't know how these new moms do it, how they're able to find the time and get online to update - hell, I don't know how they find time to go to the  bathroom, muchless anything else.

That's my problem - budgeting time. That and I honestly spend all day in the floor playing with B. He's not interested in the tv - and trust me, I leave it on all day so I can watch my shows while playing with him. I can't tell if the no-tv is a blessing or a curse. *lol* Guess we'll find out. But, I do suck at finding time to do anything.

Here's the breakdown of my day - and please note that it changes depending on if he slept through the night, or woke up a few times or a bunch, naps, etc.

7am-8am Brax usually wakes up, and gets to eat his breakfast. If he wakes up earlier he gets a bottle until this time.

We play. He might take a 30 minutes nap.

11am-12pm is when I try to give him lunch, but that depends on if he decides to take a nap or not,, and it could  be up to 3 hours.

3pm-ish is a snack.


4pm-5pm Rich comes home and relieves me, that is if he doesn't have stuff that needs to get done.

5pm-6pm I cook dinner, and might get some cleaning in there.

6pm-7pm Brax eats dinner and Rich gives him his shower.

7pm+ Brax goes to bed.

And if does like he's done the past two weeks of Hell we've been in, he'll wake up once or twice for atleast an hour up to 2+. Yea. Fun.

So, see? Where do I have time to do anything?! I wasn't lying about finding time to even use the bathroom, I put Brax in his walker and he follows me in there, and then I proceed to play peekaboo with him with the door. Ah, the life of a mother.

He's eating a ton. Seriously. The boy isn't fat - thank you, Lord! - but he's freakin' tall as all git'out.

Aw, those beautiful  blue eyes. :)

Who doesn't love a faux-hawk?!

He's not standing up by himself, he's actually leaning on Rose behind him. *lol* BUT, he can crawl like lightening now, pulling himself up and "cruising". I'm in trouble now.

There are times we just let him play with hisfood and get all messy - its usually days I have to mop. *lol*

Crawling towards me through his sea of toys. Again, garage sales!

We've graduated, yet again, and now take baths in the tub - long gone is the blow-up duck tub, which was awesome. He enjoys it.

Almost two weeks ago my dad came down for a very short visit, and we went to the beach in hopes of swimming, but the algea was so bad, you couldn't wake into the water really. Iinstead we let Brax play in the sand and get wet.

Ha-ha-ha, you funny G.I.!

Me and Brax :)

Rich, Brax and dad
He ate the sand, yes. It's going to happen, atleast it wasn't poo or something.

Toesies in the sand :)

Dad and Braxton

He enjoyed himself!


  1. I can't beleive he's going to be 8 time sure does fly! He's getting more handsome by the day, watch out ladies haha.


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