Thursday, March 3, 2011

  To be honest, I never saw myself with kids. Sure, I was that typical little girl who daydreamed about getting married, having the picket fence (which our house does have, and hate it - can't keep it clean!), having a dog and car... but that was where it ended. I never pictured babies in there for some reason, and I never thought much about it.
  And here I am now: married, picket fence, dog, two cats - and a baby. And I'm happy!

  You always here women say that you'll never know true love until you have a baby - it's a different kind of love than what you have with your spouse, and I'll be damned if they aren't right. I admit it. There are times that I look at Braxton and just get teary eyed because I love him that much. That I just want to squeeze the heck out of him in a bear hug and never let go - I kiss the boys cheeck all day long! He'll grow tired of me. *lol*
  I've turned into that sappy mother I never thought I'd be. I can be a kind of hard ass, but he makes me melt.... and I like it. I like making him smile and laugh. I was over the moon when he held his head up on his own, when he discovered his feet and kicks the Pooh Bear bar over his bouncer, and I can't imagine how happy I'll be once he talks, walks, goes off to pre-k, etc.

  I turned into a mom.... and I never knew I'd love it so much.

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  1. You have no idea how much your honest motherhood posts help me out. I'm still on the fence about having kids, before I was married I always said I wanted 3-4 but I think I could go without having any because I'm comfortable. I think I'm most afraid of losing who I am or who I think I am if I become someone 'mom'. I know it must sound silly but I often wonder if I'll be albe to love it enough. This post really got to me & got me to understand that I really do want kids (one day), I'm just scared sh*tless ha-ha.


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