Monday, February 28, 2011

I know, I know - it's been forever!

But what do you do when you've got a one-week-shy-of-being-three-months baby at home? Try to sleep. Or eat - which I tend to forget to do. Drink some water - which I need to be doing, but I'm on here instead. Use the bathroom - 'nough said. Acknowledge the dog and cats. Hug my husband - which I need to do more. Watch tv  - it takes me all day sometimes to watch one one hour show! Or clean. And last, but not least, blog about what I should be doing. *lol*
Braxton has been doing well - he's a tall lil'man. A few weeks ago he meausred in at 24.5 inches already, and 12+ pounds. He's fitting nicely in 6 month clothes, and some 9 months. We're just about to be out of all the clothes we were given - so we've gotta go shopping for more, and hit up garage sales!

He's always happy. Seriously. It drives me crazy sometimes- mainly at 4 in the morning when we're sleep deprived and just want to tell him to go fix his own bottle, and then he smiles... and we can't really remember (ok, so that's a lie) why we were grumpy to begin with.

He still only sleeps around 3-4 hours at a time, we'll be glad when he bumps that up a bit. *lol*

I can't really say he's a full fledge momma or daddy's boy, he seems to like us pretty equally at the moment. We know that'll change.

The shirt says it all - "MOmmy neds a datenight!" Yep, I do.

I got this put on a small 8x10 canvas, I can't wait to put it up somewhere!
Told ya he was always happy - lil'whipper snapper.
(Rich told me to leave that saying back in the '50s where it belongs, I like it.)

He had his first overnight stay with our friend Melissa - I know, same name! *lol* He slept six straight hours for her, next night with us he was up every 2.5. He's a turd.

It was hard to leave him, and I kept telling Rich I wanted to go back to pick him up, but we didn't. And, lets face it, I enjoyed my 8 straight hours of sleep - and a big thanks to Tylenol PM for helping. I also enjoyed that she kept him until nearly 3pm the next day and I was able to sleep in and clean the house, and watch tv. Holy crap I was spoiled! *lol*

He's stayed at Melissa's another two times since then, and it's gotten tons easier. Matter of fact,w e're missing Melissa right now and can't wait for her to get back into town so we can have a datenight! :)

He can hold his head, and sit up with little problems. Now I just need a Bumbo (or something like it) - he loves to be involved in what's going on! His bouncer does ok, but it leans back too much, and I want something that stands up more.
 *Hint*Hint* Parental units!

He's my cuddle buddy :)

He doesn't really care too much for tummy time - he's on his back in this pic, I know. He prefers to do his "tummy time" on our actual tummies when we hold him. He enjoys looking around, which is fine... I don't enjoy it when head butts me. *lol*

See, happy baby. I hope I'm not jinxing myself - I'm knockin' on wood, people!

I still, to this day, cry sometimes when he smiles at me. I really didn't know I'd fall this much in love with him, it just makes me ache.

We tried sweet 'taters a few weeks ago - he was iffy. Before that we did rice cereal, which he enjoys - we put an ounce of juice (apple or prune - his formula constipates him) and two ounces of water with the cereal twice a day,he loves it! Anyway, back to sweet 'taters! We tried them too ealry, so we'll give it another go in a month or two.

It looks like he didn't like them, but after the first two bites he enjoyed it... that or he liked swirling it all around in his mouth, both are an option. *lol*

He's already starting to get a personality, which has been fun to watch. He likes to smile, laugh, enjoys bouncing in his jumperoo (his tippy-toes touch, so webounce him), kicking at Pooh oon the bar of his bouncer, and just moving in general. I have a feeling I'll be in trouble once he becomes mobil.

Those deep blue eyes just kill me, they're just too pretty! Between his milk white skin (that turns beet red like mine when he's upset), strawberry hair and blue eyes - he's going to be a lady killer (or guy, whichever he prefers, lol).

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  1. I love your update posts! He's getting so big & he's SO freakin' adorable. I'm glad you're all doing well, keep us updated every few months on this cutie :)


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