Monday, January 31, 2011

7 weeks old and an overnight visit

  I can't believe we're only a week shy of B being two months old... seriously?! I'm already missing him being so tiny. :( He's a big ol'boy now! I need to measure him this week, but he's already fitting into 6 month clothes, mainly because they're longer, but width wise they're a little big. Last week he was 11.9 lbs - so I can't wait to see how much he weights on Valentines Day when he goes in for his next doctors appoinment.

  Yesterday we went to our friends house to hang out for a while, and she's been asking for weeks to keep B for a few hours or overnight. The day before when I brought it up to Rich he wasn't sure about it, and kept saying he didn't know if he could do it. Then yesterday when I was packing up a big bag incase we did let him stay, I was backing out! *lol* We just weren't sure if it was the right thign to do yet or not.
  Well we spent just about all day over there, and Rich pulled me to the side and asked if we should do it because he wanted to give it a try, so I said sure. Later that evening B woke up and was hungry, so I sat down to give him his last bottle from me that night, and a while later he got a wet diaper. So I handed him off to Rich to change while I went to the bathroom, but I never made it there.
  B decided he wanted to sprinkle on their couch, but he stopped before he'd finished. So I pick him up and walk to the bathroom with him and I start feeling him pee on me. I had his tummy facing me, so that meant when he was going, it was soaking through my shirt, bra and jeans. Oh yes. And to top it off, as I was holding him, he decided he wanted to poop. Several times. ON MY HAND. *lol*
  All me and Melissa (our friend) could do was laugh as she caught the poop in a baby wipe to throw it away. Funny thing was at that moment, I just didn't want to leave him. Makes no sense.
  After cleaning him up and putting him in his pj's, we gave him kisses and obviously with me being covered in urine, it was time to go home. I'm proud to say that I didn't cry until I'd gotten in the car, and fought the urge to tell Rich to turn around and go back to pick him up. *lol* Rich cried a little when we'd gotten home and he opened the car door to pull him out and realzied he wasn't there. :(

  Since we were baby free for the evening, we ate some dinner, watched tv, played online and popped a few sleeping pills to catch up on some much needed rest. We were both asleep by 11:30 last night, and slept until the alarmt went off at 6am. After Rich left, I went back to bed and slept until 930! *lol*
  I called Melissa to see how B had done, and he was an angel, like always. I have a great baby! :) He slept from 1030pm-415am, ate and then went back out after an hour or so until 9am! He was a tired boy!
  And to top it all off, Melissa still has him, she'll be bringing him home around 230pm - so I was able to get some things done around the house and now watching tv.

  I didn't think we'd be able to hand him over for an overnight visit, but it was suprisingly harder and easier than I thought. *lol* I know it doesn't make sense, but it does. It was hard to leave him there and wonder if he's fussy because he misses us and such. And it was easier to be ok with it once we'd gotten home and realized he was going to be fine, and to stop worrying.
  Now I'm not saying this'll be a regular thing, but it was nice to have a few hours of alone time with Rich, catch some sleep and just recharge.

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