Thursday, March 3, 2011

  This picture is just too funny - he was  blowing spit bubbles that day, and Rich happened to catch it for a pic and on video.
  B is such a ham... he's always happy, smiling and laughing. I can't say how lucky I am for him to be this way! I don't even say the C-word outloud in fear he'll turn that way. Curious as to what the C-word is? Colic. Yikes! I prayed all the time for him to not be a c-word baby, and thus far, he's not. Knock on wood, cross my fingers, and send a prayer up! *lol*
  I know my parents said I wasn' too bad of a c-word baby, but my sister was awful. They just had pure hell from her for months, they said they broke rocking chairs with her because they'd rock so much and so hard to get to to quiet down. Crazy! So those stories made me scared to have a baby. Add in Tiff's kids being c-wordy, and sickly (she was sickly too as a kid, lol), I was terrified!
  I know we're not out of the woods yet, but I hope it doens't happen.

  Now that's not to say that he hasn't been fussy or irritable, oh trust me, he has! I remember the day we came home from the hospital how he just screamed off and on that day, and it was because he was "brand new" and by feeding him he'd gotten some gas in his belly and it had to be worked out. Thankfully that's all it turned out to be.
  Fast forward to him almost a month old and he was fussy again, and we thought it was gas, so we did the ol'trusted onion water. And  low and behold, he was good again. :) We only use the onion water during times he's really fussy, and times when he's irritable and we can't console him with toys, diaper change, bottle and such, he gets Gripe Water or Colic Calm, adn they help.
  So far he's a pretty easy baby to calm!

  There aren't too many things that piss off ol'B, but a wet diaper can send him over the edge sometimes. *lol* I really need to keep count of how many diapers we go through a day, it's gotta to an insane amount. He just hates to have a wet one on, and almost immediatly starts fussing to be out of it. It can be pretty funny.
  On top of that, he doesn't like to go to the bathroom multiple times in a diaper - so we'll change his wet one, and he'll either pee again or poo. So we change it again. It never fails!
   We love Huggies diapers (and their Shea Butter wipes), but they get expensive since he goes through a lot in a day. (We've gone through 6-7 in an hour one day!) So we started doing what my parents did with us as kids - put them in cheaper diapers during the day, and good ones at night. It's been a life saver! Sure that means we're buying two different kinds of diapers, but price wise we can come out cheaper in the long run. So far we've tested Pampers, Luvs and the Up&Up Target brand. I prefer the Up&Up's, and Rich likes the Pampers w/dry max for daytime, and Huggies at night.

  B also doesn't like to be woken up, and it takes him a few minutes to wake up - he's a lot like me in that respect. So usually in the mornings when he first starts stirring and I get to him before he's fully awake, I put him on the changing mat and talk slow and quietly to him and just let him wake up. I mean, come on, no one likes to be woken up by loud voices!
  He's also impatient, and hates for his food to be taken away - I think he gets that from both me and Rich. We love our food, obviously - you've seen us, and he does too.
  He's developing his own personality, and it's been pretty fun to watch. We said yesterday we think we have a class clown on our hands since he's so happy all the time. I'll take that any day. :)

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  1. He is too cute! My son will be 2 months on the 7th. I'm the same way about "the c word". He's so happy, I've been wishing it off since he was born. So far so good! :)


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