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Things I can't live without so far....

I love when I find a blog that puts the things they couldn't live without when it comes to baby - so I figure I'd do the same! So here's the items I love so far at only 3 months!

Huggies Diapers & Wipes

Now let me say this first off, for newborn diapers we loved Pampers Swaddlers, they were amazing! But, as soon as he was out of newborns, we fell in love with Huggies Swaddlers or Snug&Dry's. They work the best for us at night, or when we're going to be out in town for a while. 
We also fell in love with their wipes - and we've tried them all, we were a fan of the Pamper's Sensitive wipes until we tried these. They are super thick - which was a huge factor for us, we wanted them to be able to handle anything B was dishing out. *lol* An added bonus is that they smell amazing.

Wipe Warmer

A lot of people don't really like wipe warmers and say they're a waste, but we love ours. More especially since B was born in December, we didn't like the idea of putting cold wipes on his tush, so this solved the problem.

At the hospital they gave B some sugar water, and it had the Nuk nipple on it, and he took to it with no problem. So when we got out, we cound a starter set of Nuk bottles and paci's, so we got them. We still love them, and use them every day. Rich likes the Nuk's more because they're taller, so easier for him to hold.

But, my favorite bottle is the Tommee Tippee bottles. I love that they're designed to help with going from boob to bottle with no issues, they've got a super soft nipple area, and are easy to hold. I also love that you don't have to worry about that disc that comes in most bottles to help you shake it up, and you have to find a place for it when you're done. These are disc free, just shake it with the lid on, and youre good to go. Perfect for out in town!


When B was first born, I wish I had more sleep sacks, they were a life-saver at 2am when you're sleep deprived. But now that he's older, I can't get enough of the zip-up pj's - they're super easy, and perfect for th middle of the night since youdon't have to worry about buttons.

Carter's has the cutest selection of zip-up pj's, and they're well made and last for a long time. We got a huge selection of them in the clothes we were given, and they've gone through three kids now and not a stitch out of place.

You can never have too many onsies, ever. We go through around 3 a day with B on average. When we find them at garage sales, consignment shops, Goodwill, or on clearance, we buy a few. We have nice ones that we keep for outings, and then he has a drawer full of every day ones that we don't care if they get stained or anything since they're just for home/play.

Another must buy is burp rags - and lots of them. We have, probably, around 18 or so. We had a few 6 cloth diaper ones that are decorated, and a few flannel blankets (theyre too small to swaddle a baby in, but perfect for burp rags) before B was born because we didn't know if he was going to be a spit-up baby or not. After a while we saw he was, so we found a package of cloth diapers on clearance and added them to our stash. We go through atleast once a day, if not two.


I actually got the Walmart version of the Boppy, I think it's called Cuddle me or something like that, I'd have to look. Either way, they all do the same thing! *lol* I liked that I was able to put B in it when I needed to get up to do something, helped with his reflux, and with breast feeding.


B just now really started noticing toys and such, but his favorite already is a teether by Bright Starts - it's an elephant with a crinkly belly and his feet have teethers. He loves it, and has started to hug-chew it, which is just too funny to watch. 

Here's an example of what it some of them look like since I couldn't find his.  


I am so glad my parents bought us this - its been amazing! His first month he hated it, now he enjoys it. He sleeps like a dream in it, which is great for naps during the day.

Biggest perk? It's electric and battery operated. Shyea! We just keep it plugged in in the living room, and as I type, he's been in it for almost three hours non stop, same as the day before. It has a slight motor noise, but nothing like they used to.


We picked this exact one up at a garage sale about a month ago for $30, and it was great money spent. At first he was too small for it, so his feet didn't touch the ground, but now his tippy-toes do. Right now the toys and such don't iterest him as much, but he enjoys being bounced, or trying to do it himself.

Added bonus? He zonks out quickly in it! *lol* The bouncing puts him right now.


I wasn't all for buying this for B, it was a pretty penny, but I'm glad Rich went for it when we had the extra money. B loves lights,especially the ceiling fan, so figured he'd love this too. At first he didn't seem to notice it, now if we lay him in his crib on his boppy (which is beside our bed), we turn it on and he just stares at it. So good buy hubs!

We like that it projects and slide show, so it keeps B interested. I love that while he's little it projects into the canopy, but when he's older you take it off, and it does it on the ceiling!

Added bonues? It plays differnt stuff, first buttong is Mozart/Beethove, second is a heart beat, and third is a jungle-y sounds - and they play for 15 minutes! Another perk is that it comes with a remote.


This was the first thing we put B in, and it's our go-to item all the time. It's easy enough to sit it on the cabinet while I do dishes, or the deep freeze while I clean, or just in the floor. He doesn't care too much for the vibrating or music it plays, but overall it's a nice thing to have.

B discovered kicking about two weeks ago, and goes crazy kicking at the bar. It keeps his attention for a while, which allows me to do some things. *lol*


It's pretty dry here in FL anyway, but especially in the winter, so we have this set up on our bathroom cabinet across the room from where B's crib is in our room. The few times he's stayed at our friends, or we forget to turn it on, he'll end up congested and maybe a slight blood in his nose. When we put him in his own room, this'll follow him!


Like I mentioned before, B isn't a c-word baby, but this isn't just for that. It's helped us out after he got his shots, and this past week for his teething. It helps if he's got an upset tummy, or just plain ol'irritable.

We also use Colic Calm (holy crap is it expensive!), but prefer this so far.

B is a pretty gassy baby, so this is a must-have for us. We take it everywhere!

After we got B home, he got extra fussy about two weeks after he was born. We couldn't figure out what was wrong, the above two meds weren't doing anything for him, and we wer eworried he was turning into the dreaded c-word. So to help him out, we made onion water, and oh my goodness, it worked wonders! Luckily he was just gassy, so this helped get it out, and mellow him out in the process. We've only used it one other time.

Onion water is maybe a southern thing, I haven't heard too many peole up north mention it before. *lol*  My parents used it on both me and my sister, Tiff. And Tiff turned around and used it on both her babies. I

Glowing seahorse

I read on another blog that this was a lifesaver for her b aby, so before B was born I snatched it up at Big Lots (it was smidge cheaper than Walmart at the time), and love it! It plays music for 4 or 5 minutes, glows (obviously) and easy to take with you if you need to.

Tush ointment

B got a nasty diaper rash on his tush before he was a mont old, and usually we use Boudreaux's Butt Paste, but this one needed something more. I'd been told Triple Paste rocks, and they weren't lying! Within two diaper changes y ou could tell a huge difference! So on bad rashes we use this, and on slight ones we use the Boudreaux's.

Travel System

I can not say enough great things about the Chicco travel system. We're in love with this set!

For one, we wanted something unisex incase we go for another baby, so we got the red one. We also wanted the kelly green one, but I found an online coupon for the red, so that was the one that my parents bought us since it was the best deal. :)

I'm 5'7", and Rich is 6'1" so we don't have a huge heighth difference, but enough that if we got a stroller that's handle didn't go up or down, it'd be a pain in the back for either of us. Luckily this one has different positions, so we're both happy.

We love how easy it is to manuever - you can literally turn it with your thumb and first finger, and push it with one! Huge selling point.

The car seat is nice, but a little heavy if you carry it around a lot - guess it'll help put some muscle tone in the arms though! *lol*

I like that the stroller seat can be laid flat so it's like a bassinet and B can just take a nap if we're out for a long time.

A lot of people say that they think travel systems are a waste, but we love ours and have used the heck out of it. It's well made, and it'll be great to continue using - totally worth the pretty penny. *lol*

Chips Ahoy

This is my go-to item for baby... why? Becuase when youre up at al hours of the night, momma needs something too. *lol* 

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