Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our day at the beach

Last month we had some friends come down, and they just happen to be Braxton's Godparents as well!

I met April online about six years ago, but we actually met in person until '06 when they moved back to Fort Hood when we were there, and have been "in real life" friends ever since. :)  We love them, and we've been lucky that when each of our families moved, we ended up staying close - only 5 hours apart!

So when they decided to make a trip down, we were all for it - we hadn't seen them since I was around 5 months pregnant, and before that it'd been over a year! We went to Destin and ate at McGuire's, and walked aroudn the beach. Even though it was so early in the year, there were tons of people out swimming! It was too cold for me and Brax to go in, but the guys and Madison walked around in it.

We made plans to go back the next day and spent a few hours hanging out. The guys spent most of it looking for shells and sand dollars - which I now have two whole ones to add to Brax's book. :)

Daddy and Braxton

All of us :)
The water was freezing!!

Me and B

April, the Godmother :)

No worries, we didn't put his feet in teh water, just the wet sand to make a print... which didn't work.

He enjoyed the warms sun and breeze.

Most awesome Godparents :)

It was a beautiful day!

He had no problem lounging and enjoying the sound of the waves.

They're like little kids, they had to dig a huge hole! *lol*

He loved April :)

Rich went in first, then Josh.


He had no problem sleeping!


  1. I love the beach & it looks like you guys all had a great time!

    I lol'd at the photos of Rich & Josh digging a husband does the same thing when we go to the beach.

  2. Awwweeee ....I loooove it! And we love ya'll!! What a blessing it is to meet people online that eventually become part of your extended family! We had a blast when we visited and I hope we can do it again before too long!


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