Saturday, April 2, 2011

Something for our livingroom and a giveaway!

  We're huge TV people - you should seriously take a look at my DVR right now, I hardly get time to watch it down! - and the worst thing happened. Ready for it? Our tv died. Oh the horror!! It was a tragedy to say the least. *lol*
  It was actually the big tv we had in our living room, ya know the big bulky  big screen ones they had before they came out with flat tvs? That one. Rich bought it right after his second deployment - I opted for a washer, dryer and deep freeze for myself - and it got used like crazy. It's made several big moves with us from MS to TX to FL where it finally crashed.
  The worst part was it was the tv in our livingroom, which is where I'd watch tv while Rich played his video games in our room our our flat screen tv we got a few years ago. So when the tv bit it I was pregnant with Braxton and spent a lot of time in our bedroom anyway, so it wasn't an issue to just curl up in bed in there during the day - it was just a problem when Rich wanted to play his video game and I didn't.
  So we made the decision when I was about 8 months along to move the flat screen into the living room, and be tv-free in our bedroom, and it's been nice. There are times we miss it, sure, but overall I enjoy having our bedroom to just sleep in - espcially since Braxton is still in his crib in there with us.

  The downfall to the tv in the living room is we can't put it on the wall like we did in our bedroom - it's a converted garage, now a den - and we don't want to put another set of holes in the wall. So for now it's on the console that we had our bigger tv on before.
  Now we're on the lookout for a LCD TV stand that will hold the tv, and go with our current furniture.
I really like the look of somethig like this, especially since it won't be long before Braxton will be crawling/walking - it'd keep all the consoles inside where he couldn't mess with the buttons. I'm a wood person, and the color matches our coffee/end tables nicely as well.

We'll get a tv stand like that after we get another tv to put back in our bedroom - I mean, if we choose to put one back... yea, I have a feeling we won't go too long before we do it. *lol*

Until then, CSN has been aweome to me, yet again, and sponsoring another giveaway! :) The rules are easy, just comment once and you'll be entered in. You're going for a $35 gift code to use at any of their stores, and it's open to US/Canada residents. I'll close the giveaway on the 10th, so hop to it! :)


  1. a part of me said dont be the first- but here goes anyway--hehe..Thanks for this splendid giveaway

    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  2. Our flat screen in our living room (that was less than 2 years old) died on us in February. I wanted to just move our bedroom TV to the living room but my husband would not hear of it. He insisted we go out that evening and buy a new TV and of course he went even bigger than the one we already had! Do you find you get more sleep with no bedroom TV?

    Anyway, I would love to do some free CSN shopping so count me in on the giveaway!



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