Thursday, December 9, 2010

How does monday sound to have a baby?!

Today was our 40 week appointment with the OB (ok, so the doctor counts me as 39.5, and won't say 40 until monday - me and Rich say 40 weeks tomorrow since we count from my last period), and guess what?
Nothings changed. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.
He checked me - which, by the way, is so painful for me - and said that I have no dialation, no softening and he's still floating around -3 like last week. Uuuuugh. We were hoping that there would be something, anything!, at this point - especially since we had sex the night before in hopes of it softening me up. But, no. The baby is being a lil'turd already. *lol*
So, he said I'm to go to the ER sunday night at midnight, they'll send me up to L&D and we'll get started on an induction. They're going to put some pill, I think the name is Cytotec, in me and it's supposed to help soften me up and start contractions. Then my OB will come in and pop my water - which broke my heart, I really wanted to keep it whole as long as I possibly could. BUT, I know that that would help start the labor, so I'm folding. Now I will fight tooth and nail for him not to touch me with Pitocin - especially since I heard that pill they're putting in me is pretty hard core on making it's own contractions anyway.
So, yes... I'm folding on the induction.
One problem he mentioned though - as of right now I have a 50-50 shot at having a c-section done. He said that if, after inserting that pill, if my cervix doesn't change that a c-section is the next option. I've told my OB from the get-go that I wsn't ruling out a c-section in any way, that if it needed to happen, and I agreed, fine,w e'll do it. I know that birthing a baby isn't going to be easy and go to plan, so you have to willing to change yours around , and we are.


  1. Wow...well as long as you leave that hospital with a beautiful & healthy baby I think you shouldn't care too much about what they "have" to do. But I do agree, hold out as long as you can & good luck hon, cant wait to see photos of the little fella'!

  2. I was 40wks 4days with my daughter and had to be induced with pitocen and it only got me to 5cm in 23hrs and so they took me back for a csection. Just walk walk walk walk walk and caster oil, and sex again, see if all that helps! good luck! ill keep you in my prayers.


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