Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh holy yikes...

It's 10:30 PM - I've got an hour and a half before we make the mile drive up to the hospital to be admitted for the induction. Oh wow... I think I need to throw up.

I've done pretty damn good today and not let the nerves get to me, but around 7-8pm we packed the hospital bags and such, put them by the door and it just slapped me full force. We're. going. to. have. a. baby. When the hell did this happen?!

Rich is getting anxious, the animals - espcially Bocephus - know something is up, Mom's hanging out like it's a nomral day, and the wind is kicking like a banshee outside and it's almost freezing. Me? I've got the nerves so bad that I'm scratching - and praying it doesn't turn into hives - and have the feeling of wanting to throw up, and needing to poop. Yep. That's me.

So, now off to shower, after the formentioned nervous potty break, and then head up there....


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