Friday, November 19, 2010

Random pictures from my phone

Can't you just tell the cats are loving that?

That face is pricless on Jesse James.

Bocephus like to be under  blankets most of the time, he's a cold dog.

At any given time I've got atleast one of them  laying or sitting with me. This was one day when I was watching tv in bed and had 'em all.

Almost all the books on the first two shelves are from when I was a baby/kid, and now for B. They'll be th eones we read to him, but he's not allowed to play with. *lol*

We've had these put away for years, along with a ton of UT onsies/outfits. Rich can't wait to see 'em on B.

This was the washing I had to do of B's clothes and blankets.

I think this was around 35-36ish weeks.

The loot from when we went shopping about two weeks ago. We hit up the Beals Outlet, Big Lots and Walmart.

I swore I wouldn't have anything Winnie the Pooh in my house, but we found this vibrating/musical  bouncer on clearance for $36 and decided to get it. At this point I don't care if it all matches, he'll outgrow it so fast. *lol*

We put B's carseat base in last weekend, and wanted to make sure there was enough room for the carseat itself, which there is more than enough. But it was a total slap in the face to have it in the car, but obviously Rich loved it.

Of Rich's hands - I love the freckles.

Rich's first tree he did to irk me. See the green  balls going all down one side and the mass amount of pink? Silly husband.

And then one of the cats got revenge for it - muhahaha!

I just like his smile in this one.

One of me.

And of us around 14ish weeks, we were out shopping with Mom in Destin and had just found out the day before we were having a boy.

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  1. Hi, I am Maureen from Aunt Rene's Wonderful Ordinary LIfe..
    Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway.
    Congrats on a sweet baby boy coming along soon.. How exciting!!!! What a Joy!
    Keep stopping by and checking in..
    I will be back to see updates on little Mr. B's arrival!


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