Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh B...

  B's room is still a bit of a mess, I know, I know.... we need to hurry up and get it orgnaized. We will. Promise. *lol*
  His closet is washed and folded and ready to go. I did it all weeks ago, so it's just been sitting there waiting. *lol* I'll be packing our hospital bags in the next week or two and having them ready to go as well.
  We're on the hung for a smaller dresser, or a chester of drawers to go in his room, until then we have it in that Rubbermaid 3 drawer thing, which works since it fits in the  bottom of his closet. The room is smaller (all of them are actually), and the stuff we have in there already takes up a lot of space, so we'll be hunting down the perfect clothing container as we go. *lol*

  A few weekends ago we went and got some of the bigger stuff we needed for him - minues the swing, playpen, bumpers and breast pump - and made me feel a lot  better since it's not long before he's here. We walked away with the bathtub, bouncer we found on clearance for $36 (and it's Winnie the Pooh, which I swore would never come in the house, but hey, it was cheap!), a boppy knock-off from Walmart, his shampoos, lotions, butt paste, 4 sheets for his bed and I can't remember what all else. So he'll be ready to come home atleast! *lol*
  We'll get the playpen after he's home, honestly we've got mixed reviews on if we need on or not. But we'll prolly get one for those moment sI need to use the restroom, and I can put him in there and be safe. The swing is a must, so it'll be gotten after he's here as well. The  breast pump I'd like, but I need to see if I'll even be able to produce milk, so it makes mroe sense to wait - and I'm not getting an expensive one, I think the one I like is $53.

  We'll be moving B's crib into our room on a big free wall we have, and setting up the blow up bed fo rmy parents in his room. It makes more sense for him to be in our room so I don't have to getup and down all night and go far. Plus I'm hoping it'll be an easier transition for him to sleep in his own room if we start him off in his crib to  begin with. We'll see though!

  This past weekend we deep cleaned the car - and by deep cleaned, I mean I went out there with Q-tips. Yes... I may not be nesting in my house, but I nested in the car. *lol* I swear it didn't look that good when we bought it, I'm damn proud. :) After we'd done that, Rich put the carseat  base in, so that's ready to go as well, we'll just grab the carseat when we go to come home from the hosptial when B's born. He works with a firefighter, so he's going to check out the carseat base and make sure it's in there good and such to make us both feel ok.
  Seeing the whole thing in our car made me want to puke a little, I mean... he's seriously almost here! Rich on the other hand couldn't wipe the smile off his face. *lol* He even grinned more when I was carrying the carseat in the house because "it won't be long and you'll be toting B like that! Aww!" I'm telling you, he's a big cheese.

  So when I finally get off my big lazy pregnant butt, I'll go into B's room and take pictures, until then you have to wait. Muhahaha!

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  1. By the look of that closet Baby B will never be in need of anything, haha. I'm pretty slow when it comes to getting things cleaned up too. But when I do finally get around to it I REALLY clean, like OCD clean haha. I'm sure you'll have everything in perfect order by the time he comes.


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