Monday, November 15, 2010

My tree's are officially up!

Everyone who knows me knows that I get excited the closer it gets to Chrismas, I love having a tree up! Ok, ok... I love it, minus the fact that my cats like it too much - the bottom half of my tree always gets all crazy looking becuase they're pulling at the tinsel or  batting at the balls - thanks goodness we have plastic ones, we learned our lesson the first Christmas when we had glass! *lol*

This year my tree went up just as early as last years - granted, last year we were heading to Texas for the holidays and I wasn't going to be able to enjoy my tree, so Rich conceeded to it being put up early. *lol* This time it went up early because my belly is getting bigger by the freakin' day, I'm tired all the time, and I didn't want to have to worry about trying to get it up with a week or two  before the baby arrives. So, ta-da!
The green one is in the front room of the house, and it's huuuuge, it has to have the biggest amount of space! Thank's Mom and Dad for giving us this one when you bought your new one, I love how massive it is - it's 8 feet tall, and atleast 5-6 feet at the base, it's huge.

As an added bous for both trees - they're my  night lights since I"m scared of the dark. *lol* And this one I put 1,000 lights on, so it looks beautiful at night. Next year I'd like to squeeze an extra 200 on there.

Me and Rich buy personal ornaments every year, and I've never put them on our main tree until last year, and now I love them on it. We haven't gotten this years yet - Rich gets one, I do, then usually we find one that reminds us of us together, and if we find a cat/dog related one we get it for the furbabies, and now B will be in on it too! Hopefully we'll be able to get the ornaments for this year soon so we won't have to worry about 'em later.

Mom bought B his first ornament a few months ago from Hobby Lobby, and I love it! I'd like to start the tradition with them, if they want to, that they buy him one every year from them, it'll be special.

See that rocker? That was one that my Mom got when she found out she was pregnant with me, and now I have it. :) We moved it from B's room into the living room since we have a glider/ottomon in there, and it'll be nice to have  arocker on both sides of the house.

Rich's tree!

I'll be honest, my OCD kicks in overtime when it comes to putting up our trees, and usually Rich refuses to help out because of it. But this year he made some remark, which I can't remember thanks to pregnancy brain, and it made me realize that he needed to do his own tree in his own way.

I wish I had the picture of how he did the tree hte first time, he later told me when re-doing it above that he did it all messed up to bother me to see if I'd go  back and fix it. I never touched it, and honestly every time I looked at it it made me smile!

Buuut, the cats decided to knock his tree over while I was napping last week, so he had to redo it, and it turned out cute. We got the balls on clearance las tyera at Target, and we only used half of them, and I love all the different colors and textures. He reused the garland from our UT tree two years ago, but n ext year we'll buy new stuff, along with a tree topper - he liked his UT santa hat the best. *lol* He did a great job!

So, yea... my trees are up. That's about as festive as I'll probably get - on wait, I have a wreath on B's door - I don't want to have to deal with putting it all up after B's here, and honestly I just have a lot of tree decorations, not a lot of regular. Over time we'll change that. :)

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