Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day weekend

We'd been planning for months to go see our friends April and Josh in Mississippi, and Labor Day weekend was the perfect fit for all of us - Rich got an extra day off, and Josh got two! So on friday we threw everythingin the car and started our five hour trek up to see 'em.

The trip itself wasn't too bad, but I was worried about Rich - friday's are his long days (up at 330am to 430-5pm), and I was worried he was going to be too tired to drive it. I was right, but he didn't admit it until we'd gotten back from the holiday weekend! Luckily we talked about random stuff, not too much music, and got there a little after midnight.

I know that April and Josh's daughter, Madison, is up around 715am, so I didn't want ot over sleep, so I was up at 8am to take Bocephus out to potty - and I didn't finda nyone else up! I'd even woke Rich up! *lol* But comem to find out they were in the den, and our morning started. Josh cooked breakfast, Madi showed us her room and dress up clothes, got a tour of the town, lunch at an awesome BBQ place, then off for some bowling!

Well, we first had to make a pitstop at Walmart to get socks since non of us remembered to bring any with us, then onto the base for a game of bowling. Let me just say that I suck at  bowling... and got made fun of. A lot. AND they put the bumpers up for me since I kept getting gutter balls -  so I was officially competeing with the four year old. *lol*

After that we went back to their place to get t hings ready for the shrimp boil they had planned - yum! Me and April had a great time just talking - it'd been almost two years since we've seen each other face-to-face! The guys played baseball with Madi while the food cooked. It didn't take long and we were all around the table chowing down on some good shrimp, sausuage and veggies.

After dinner we went back outside - and let me just say that we loved  being able to walk in grass since our yard here is nothing but sand, ants and weeds - and got the fire going for smores! Ohhh how yummy they were - and even better since the last time I really had them was with the same friends before our moves.

After Madi was in bed, the drinks came out - no worries, I was  barely allowed to help bring glasses outside - and lots and lots of chit-chat. :) Both guys really needed to unwind and relax, and they both did!  *lol* It wasn't too long though and I was tired - ok, so I was tired around 1030pm, I hadn't had a nap that day, but stuck it out for a few more hours.

Next day we were all a little late to rise, vegged at their place - we love that they can be homebodies like us - and didn't venture into town until that evening for dinner. Then back to the house for movies and then bed - we had to leave early at 5am the next morning!

5am came too quick the next morning, and we hit the road running.... but I will confess I was whiney and was falling asleep as I was talking to Rich. *lol* He's the type who can run off of 5-6 hours of sleep, I on the other hand need lots more to properly function. *lol* We finally  made it home around 1130am I think where we promply unloaded the car, I took a Benadryl from the 'skeeter bites, and curled up in bed for the next three hours.

One thing about April and Josh is that they gave us Madi's crib, mattress, changing table, rocking glider w/ottoman, and three adorable onsies they'd picked up. :) They are truely a set of lifesavers!

Needless to say, we had one heck of a weekend.... we've deeply missed April, Josh and Madi,and it was great to spend a weekend with them. :)

Rich just looks serious in this pic, it was all in good fun.

Madi, April and me. Dont mind the lazy eye look I have going on.

I couldn't get a good serious pic of the two of 'em, but this one totoally fits their personalities the  best.

And of course Bocephus went!
Ohhh yum!
Rich made himself a mojitio.

The bonfire where lots of fun was had.

Obviously after a few drinks :)

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