Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby B's room is slowly coming together.... and it scares the life out of me!

Thanks to our awesome friends April and Josh - they gave us the stuff below!
We're blessed with amazing friends! 
When we got home from their place in MS, we couldn't wait to set stuff up and see how it worked in the room - we were a little worried since the room is on the smaller side, and has an odd angle, but things really seem to fit nicely!

Furniture wise all we need is a dresser and  bookshelf and we're good to go! I have an old nightstand I'm putting eside the glider, and I'll buy a lamp to put ontop so it'll be a nice reading corner.

I will admit it... this totally terrifies me! We keep the door shut so the cats won't go in there (Rich doesn't like it, lol) and I do it because it allows me to keep thinking I have a it longer to go before he's here. *lol* It was a total slap in the face when I was sitting in the glider while Rich put stuff together and I realized that there will be something in that crib ina few months. Whoa.

April  picked up these oh-so-cute onsies, I can't wait to see them on! He's going to be one stylish baby.

No sooner had Rich left the room when Diego came in to inspect the goings-on, and found a spot he really enjoyed. *lol* I quickly ran him out incase Rich saw, but I thought it was cute.

Bocephus came in and camped out under the crib for a while as well, so maybe he found his spot too. Jesse doesn't like babies/kids/people in general, so he didn't come in. *lol*

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