Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Doctor update

5.5 wks28 wks.
How Far Along: 28 weeks and 4 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still no weight gain

Maternity Clothes: I finally went out and got me two pair of pants from the Bealls Outlet ($20 for both!), and wow... if I'd known they felt that good I wouldn' thave waited until month 7 to get into them! *lol*

Best Moment this week: It just happened an hour ago - we were playing Nelly to my belly to see if he'd kick at the beat, and he did - he really likes the song "Grillz". *lol*

Gender: All boy - Braxton Andrew.

Movement: Yea he's been a busy body.

Food Craving: Nothing really  - which normally I 'd be happy about, but right now I'm aggrivated because I'm just all arond hungry, but nothing sounds good! Boo.

What I miss: Not getting up four times in less than an hour to go pee.

Sleep: Hasn' t been great this week, my back has been hurting and keeping me up.

What I am looking forward to: Finish the baby room, and start picking up everything else - I'm starting to get stressed.

Belly Button: In.

   Last thursday we had our doctors appointment, and my one hour glucose test  - which I wasn't looking forward too, I hate being stuck in the finger!
   Luckily I'd been told I didn't have to fast before the glucose test, so I had a sausage egg  biscuit in hopes I wouldn't get too nauseus. The drink wasn't overly bad, I had the lemon/lime and downed it in two big gulps and then we jsut waited to be taken back for the ultra sound.
   About ten minutes later I started feeling the sugar in my system, but they called us  back for the U/S - and I was super excited because Rich hasn't been to one since the very first one way back at, like, 6-8 weeks or so, and he missed the one where we found out what we were having.
  We both thought that the baby would be moving all over the place becuase of the sugary drink, but he did the opposite - he got, like, lethargic and stayed still for hours!
   The U/S tech - who is also my OB's wife - couldn't get the baby to move for us - he decided to stay head down and facing my back the entire time. It was a bummer.
   Luckily she didn't say anything was physically wrong with him, and he was measuring right on target for his "age", and weighing in at 2 lbs 1 oz.
   She even went as far as using that wand thing and jabbing at my belly a few times to see if he'd move, but he just didn't want to - so I'm glad we didn't cough up all that money for a 4D U/S!
   One thing we did ask is that she confirmm he was still a boy - and even that was hard to do, he kept his legs closed tight! *lol* One of the belly jabs she did he spread them for a few seconds and you could see he's still a boy - phew! We have way too much  boy stuff!
   AFter that I was off to see the doc, but I had to do my blood pressure - which was considered "normal" for everyone else, but for me it's a litle high, *lol*. She then did my finger stick and it came back with 151, so I had to do the 3 hour test later.
  Doc came in and we talked about how things were going, and any concerns - and I didn't get in troubel this time for no weight gain since the baby is growing just fine. After that he said he'd see me in two weeks from now on!
   This week we also got an awesome homemade gift from a friend - and I"m in love! The blanket is so super thick and soft, it'll be great this winter when he's born! The beanie is just too cute and I can't wait to ge tpics taken of him in it.
   Since I "failed" the one hour glucose test, I made an appointment for this mornig to do the 3 hour one - ad didn't finish it.
   I had a hard time dealing withe the affects of the one hour, and the three hour one I had to drink a lot more of that stuff! Within an hour I was hving hot flashes, getting faint and when I got up to get a magazine to fan myself I hurled - in the trashcan! - a lot. Over half of the stuff I drank came up, so the test was shot.
   I'm waiting on the doctor to cal this week to let meknow if I have to do it anothe rway, or if my fasting blood draw was down enough that he's not worried about it. We'll see!!
   So now I'll leave off with the three good photos we did get of Brax last week!

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