Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's about time!

  Rich finally got to feel the baby kick - it took long enough! *lol* I knew being  bigger it'd be a  bit longer  before I showed a belly and for him to feel the baby, but wow.... I was getting irritated.
  On sunday we were watching something on tv in bed and I got him to touch my belly since the baby was moving like crazy - Rich then decided to lay his hear on it instead to hear him move around. Not long after that the baby decided to kick him in the head four times. *lol* We got a kick out of it, even if they weren't  big kicks.
   Then last night as we were wataching the cartoon "Avatar" - Rich is enjoying it, and last night I didn't give a darn what we watched - and the baby was up and at it at his normal time. I'd already had a few really big kicks above my belly button and figured we'd give it a try again to see if he could feel it with his hand.
  Low and behold no sooner than he put his hand there, the baby kicked really hard, and all I saw was a huge smile on Rich's face. He got to feel a few more kicks, and next I looked over to see Rich crying - he just kept saying how happy he was.
   Awwww! And that is why I love him so much. :)

   I got panicked again this weekend when I looked in the baby room and realized it's a storage area for now. *lol* We've got random stuff in tubs - purses (which is always out where I can change them when I get bored), fall/winter clothes I'll be taking out soon to wash, blow up bed/extra bedding/pillows in a big tub, and who knows whta all else. That doesn't even count what's on the bottom of the closet where the baby clothes are! Geez.
   That's our biggest problem with his house, it doesn't have enough storage space. Granted Rich has his "man land" shed outside -which is really large - but it's got stuff already in there taking up room. (Sure I've got 5 or 6 Christmas totes, but whatever!) It's not like we haven't downsized our belongings - we do it every move, and since we've lived here two years we've done it atleast 3-4 times again, usually when Rich gets upset his "man land" is being taken over. *lol*
   I'm hoping I can get both of us motivated in the next few weeks to tackle the inside storage issues and figure something out. We've got several big photos, frames, mirrors and such that need to go on the wall (we'd been waiting until we paint, but out of two years we haven't yet) and who knows what all else. I'd like to get that kind of stuff done before my belly gets too big.

  After that we're going to tackle shampooing the carpets, yikes. We could pay someone to do it, but they're not goingn to move everything to do so, so we'd rather just do it oursevles. Besides, our king size mattress weighs a freakin' ton - it took four men to bring it in our house when e first bought it, and since we've moved me and Rich were the ones to do it. Not fun for our backs.
  So we'll go rent a shampooer for a day on the weekend and just spend the whoel time tackling the 3 bedrooms and living room. I want it smelling pretty - the dog and two cats don't help in that department.

  I also want to turn our computer/elliptical room into a guest room at some point. I don't know how we're going to pull that one off since Rich really wants to keep the elliptical in the house, adn the computer desk is a  big large, and the room isn't. Plus the liter box is in here. Ugh. There is just so much on my mind that needs to get done, and to be honest.... I just wish someone would come do it fo rme so I don't have to worry about it, and it'd just be nice and pretty.
   Oh, and a maid to come deep clean the house  before the baby's born. Is there a way to swing that?!

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  1. Early NESTING! i'll come do it all...i'm bored, i'd love to see ya'll, and well...i'm good at it! haha!

    when ya'll get the furniture in there...it will all start to come together! ;)


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