Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CSN Review

I was contacted a few weeks ago to do a review with CSN, and coudln't wait to pick what I'd do it on! Since we have a baby on the way, it only made sense to go that route, and I thought I'd get a diaper bag that I'd love.

I'd heard great things about Skip Hop bags, so I figured I'd start there. I'm not too big on massive diaper bags that just scream "baby!", so this company was right up my alley. I decided to go with the Duo Deluxe Edition bag, but in brown. (For some reason I can't find the link to it on the site now.)

I had few requirements when it came to picking a bag:
- I didn't want it too girly, afterall I am having a boy.
- I also wanted Rich to be able to carry it around if he'd forgotten his at home.
- I wanted to read reviews on it.
- Needed to be sturdy, I didn't wan't to have to turn aroud in six months and buy another one.

See, I'm pretty easy to please! *lol*

What I really loved about this bag is it's shuttle clips that allow you to go from a shoulder bag, to clipping it on the stroller (or shopping cart!) easily. Since we don't have a stroller yet, you can see how it's done below.

I also like having pockets that will help keep me organized - trust me, you should see how frazzled I get if my purse gets out of order, lol. This bag has 11 pockets! Can you imagine how much stuff you can put in there, and still know where everything is? One thing I really like is one big zippered compartment is basically going to be used for my stuff - wallet, keys, phone, etc. That way I don' thave to dig for what I'm looking for, it's right there infront.
The bag is a poly canvas, and feels amazingly sturdy. You can really tell how well made this bag is when you touch it.

And since I got it in brown, I'm going to go get the baby's name embroidered across the front in a bright color, and it'll be that much more special!
It has magnetic closures for the big main compartment. I know everyone has their own opinion on zippers vs. magnets vs it just being open - I didn't mind either way as long as it closed in some way.

You can really feel the pull of the magnets, which also gives me the peace of mind if I'm out shopping.

On either side of the bag is side pokets, perfect for a bottle of water for me or a baby bottle. I really like that. There is also a perfect place for your cell phone, but in my head I see it as the best place to put pacifers that way you know whtere they're at! *lol*
Since I honestly have no idea what all I will need in my diaper bag besides the few essentials, I  guess at what could be put in there. So there is my wallet, cell, a  book for me,  crab rattle, four diapers, wipe case, small blanket, two onsies, burp cloth, and two bottles. And I had lots of room to spare!!

Since both of us have a diaper bag apiece now, theyll mainly get used for day-to-day activities if we leave the house, and it'd e the perfect size and we wouldn't be worried if we'd forgotten anything. It's stylish for me or Rich, and I have a feeling it'll be around for the long haul.

Thanks again to CSN Stores for allowing me to do a review!

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