Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What's in a name?

  We always knew what name we'd go with if the baby turned out to be a boy - girl names on the other hand are a bit more tough, we don't agree on any of them! Luckily, baby turned out to have a penis, so we were set.
  Or so we thought.
  We have loved the name Braxton for years now, and I paired it with Kain/Kane/Khane/Khain (I have a thing for "K's"). After we found it it was a boy we told people that was his name.... but something just felt off. We both just kind of blew it off, and continued on with it, that was until Rich asked a guy at work to be Godfather - and he quickly said the baby should be named after him, Richard Andrew.
  It's just too funny since I'm married to a Richard, and then put Andrew back there and we'd have both guys in the name - but, no... we won't be naming our baby Richard. When he came home and told me about it we laughed, and then Rich said Braxton Andrew out loud and we both just kind of looked at each other. It fit! It sounded nice - the first name is a little different (especially from where we're from), and Andrew is a classic name - and luckily we don't have any Andrews on either side of the family that we're aware of.

  We toyed with the n ame for a few days, told Mom about it and she liked how it sounded more than Kain - that, and people thought of Cain and Able from the bible. I also kept thinking of how his initials could possibly get him made fun of later in life (especially if he were a tubby  kid like his parents) - they'd be B.K.N. Bacon! That's all I could see! This just would not do.
  So Andrew worked - initials of B.A.N. - can't think of anything bad about it, and it reminds me of Bam-Bam from The Flinstones (and trust me, he bangs around in my uterus enough!).

  I've never really cared what the names we picked meant persay, I just wanted something nice that flowed well with our last name. But now that we'd officially gotten the name picked, I had to see what they meant.
  Braxton means 'brocks/bracca's town', and the orgion is anywhere from anglo-saxon to english to irish. You see it more as a last name, and it's popularity has gone up the last ten years, but hasn't broken into the top #100  - which is a huge thing or me.
  Andrew is obviously a popular name, always in the top rankings - which makes it perfect for a middle name. It means 'manly', and it's orgions also come from different places depending on where you look online. But the biggest thing is that it's a saint! It's the perfect name for our baby - we're not religious persay, but we have our faith. We're now on the look-out for a Saint Andrew for each of us, and one for the baby for when he gets older. Silly, maybe... but it's pretty darn awesome.

(Sorry if this post is off - I'm so foggy headed today I can't seem to form sentences. Boo for baby brain.)

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