Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Upcoming CSN review!

  I am so excited to be able to do a review for CSN! I had a giveaway a few months back with them, and they are an amazing company! They have 200 different stores - trust me, it's a shopping paradise! They have everything ranging from dining room tables, cookware, baby and kid items to even school supplies! They literally have everything one would need to  make a house a home.

  With our first baby on the way, we like to search for things by name, but more especially by price - and CSN has a great search engine that allows you to do just that. I don't know how much time it's saved us to be able to narrow down what we're looking for.

  I can't wait to decide on what I'll be doing a review on - I'm thinking something in their baby store - it seems fitting!

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