Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things they don't tell you

  I think that if you were to tell all these teenagers that get knocked up what pregnancy is really like, they wouldn't be so quick to spread their legs.

  I went into this pregnancy mostly blind to what would happen - since I'm the oldest grandkid on one side, and the third on the other, I didn't really have any idea what the nine months of baking a  baby would be like.
  Sure, my sister had two kids, but we lived in Mississippi (6 hours) and Fort Hood (4 hours), and didn't get to make it home much at all.
  I was there for when Tiff had Tucker - and let me tell you, she made it look like a dream. She pushed a few times, and plop! there he was. I spent more time sleeping on the floor after the drive in than  she did the entire time in labor.

  When we do go home, we don't do many "parental" like duties. I've changed a few diapers, sure, but nothing substantial.
  So when we found out we were knocked up, I got the "What to Expect..." book, and honestly...  stopped reading it. I haven't picked it up in about two months now. Why? Not sure.... I don't need to know much about what's going on during the 40 weeks when it goes from "Swamp Thing" to a baby. I need to know what happens after - I have an amazing doctor, nurses, family and friends who can help out with all the stuff before.

  People say that you'll pick it up, it's instinctual - and boy do I hope so. *lol* I know there is a learning curve, but I just want to rock this whole mom thing!

  Now onto what they don't tell you - there are too many! I mean, seriously... why couldn't they put hemmoroids, constipation, peeing on yourself and morning sickness in a conversation before you decide to go through with this?!
  My morning sickness is still here - at half way through! I get up in the mornings and just dry heave, and that's even after I make sur eto try to eat something before going to bed. I get in the car and get sick - which isn't too crazy, I get carsick in the backseat, but never have in the front until now. I miss mashed 'taters - and the thought of them makes me gag.
  Since I take Zofran for the morning sickness, - which has been a lifesaver for me, but makes me constipated. I don't mean the kind where you take a Colace (because I take two a day already!) and helps things go through. No. I mean the kind that has you grunting like a cave person, back pushed against the toilet, red faced and popping blood vessels on your chest. And then you throw your back out or pull a muscle. Yes, it's true - and it happens way too often for me.
  With all that straining comes the 'roids - and who likes those evil things? Tell a teendager she'll have bleed from her booty, it'll itch and burn and you'll have to put meds in there and she'll hopefully think twice about sex.

  Last weekend I was sitting in the recliner when I felt something leaking. I was a little taken aback - but I've always had the small leak when I sneeze, cough or laugh too hard, but this time it was a little bigger. This has been going on and off for since then - and basically the baby things my bladder is a trampoline. Fun for me.
  Most of the time I don't feel the urge to go to the bathroom, and yet he finds that little bit still left in there and forces me to pee upon my self. I find it, at times, embarrassing - and it's not like it goes through my pants or anything, that'd been horrible! Rich finds it cutely-funny. He just has this big grin and says "Aww,'re pregnant." and which my reply is "Damn straight I am - and it's your fault. Stupid penis."

  They really should tell people these things happen.

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  1. We should print out this post & plaster it around high schools all over the world because you just got me to abstain from sex, lol.

    Wow...that is all.


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