Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And so the madness begins...

Rich traded in his Xbox 360 for a Wii yesterday..... I'm afraid. *lol* When we house sit for a friend he plays theirs (with permission!) and fell in love. So off to game store  we went yesterday to trade it in along with all the games he had for it. I was hesitant to say the least, but he really wanted it.

He ended up getting the Wii and three games - and when we got home the Wii Resort Sport was inside the console, so we got it for free - score!  We n eed to buy a second controller so we can both play, but for now he's enjoying himself.

He likes how it makes you get active - you're physically moving around and breaking a sweat. The first time he played it for a few hours and was sore the next morning - yet he still loved it. *lol* So it'll be a weightloss tool hopefully. :)

The added bonus is Netflix on it - we've missed that! So we'll pay the fee for one DVD, and you get the one that goes in the Wii and we're able to watch the movies on our tv instead of sending off and waitnng for them to arrive.

So because of the Wii/Netflix combo we cancelled one of our DVR's and put the  basic cable on that tv instead. He also dropped the internet connection down a bit - which, right now, neither of us are fans of so it may go back - and the house phone to basic - only downfall is that it doesn't have long distance, we onlyl kept it  because we have to fax off paperwork  and it comes in handy.

I have to admit, I can't wait to get the second controller so I can play - it was a lot of fun to "bowl" with him a few weeks ago - and as I type  he's playing baseball.... and it looks fun. I may have to go kick him off of it so I can try it now.

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  1. I love out Wii! The Wii Fit is even a lot of fun.


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