Tuesday, July 20, 2010

He's got more clothes than I do!

We went from the first picture, to the second one last week - seriously, that's a lot of clothes! The sad part is that Huggies box on the top shelf is still full of stuff to add to it. *lol*

I know I have some plain onsies hanging up, and when we get a dresser for the room, they'll go in there instead so it'll free up some space. Right now it just "slaps" me that there really is going to be something in those clohtes at some point. Yikes!

Thank you, Mom! :) Baby Braxton got his first care package and it was packed full of goodies!

Since when do they make 2oz bottles?! They are so freaking cute, it's sad. And please note that she got us a crab baby rattle - this kid is going to have so much crab stuff because of Richard, it isn't funny.

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