Friday, July 2, 2010

Officially 18 weeks today

  Ok, I'm going to say it.... I'm still a little in denial about there actually being a baby in me. Why? Dunno.
   I tell Rich all the time that I think it's because I don't like change.... at all. And this is obviously a HUGE change in our lives. I like being selfish of my time with him, of sleeping in when I can, getting up and going when we want to - ya know, all the crap we can do now, but won't be able to when there is a baby here.
  But when I hear Rich talk about how excited he is, and how he can't wait to lose sleep (let's hear him say that in a few months!) and all that.... and it makes me excited.
  He's going to be a rockstar of a father, I just know it. And his faith in me being an awesome mom helps. :)

  On other news, we went to the bay on base last weekend and we got to swim for about an hour and a half. It was pure heaven to me! I'd had this craving - like it was a food craving - to get in the water. There was going to be no way around it - heck, I was days away from just sitting in a lawn chair outside and spraying myself with a waterhose! Yes, it was that bad.
  We went around 1pm - yep, it was brutal hot, and I didn't care. *lol* We sprayed each other down with sunscreen - Rich missed a 6 in  by 3 in spot on my left shoulder that got burned, how e pulled that off we don't know - and just got right in. The water was so nice, and I loved that it took the weight off of my tummy, and relieved the starting-to-swell-ankles.
  But I can say that by the time we were on our way home, I was beyond exhausted. It took it right out of me, I at my Blizzard from DQ, and when we got home I took a power nap and we called it a day. *lol*
  (And it says something about me that I went out in public... in my swimsuit. I haven't done that - besides around immediate family - in YEARS. That's how badly I wanted to swim.)

  Rich works a great lady, she's about our age, who has two boys of her own (4 and 6 months) - and she GAVE us a bunch of clothes. No charge. Free. The first batch she sent this week was 84 items! How crazy is that?! They're 0-3 months, so it's perfect, we'll just get stuff for after that. And then she told Rich the next day she's got to finish going through the rest of the clothes, and she'll be sending those to us as well. :)
  It was beyond a blessing.
  We're not going to spend a lot on getting a room together for a baby - it doesn't make sense to when they outgrow everything so fast. We have a friend giving us her crib and some other stuff I do believe (we just have to make the trip to MS to get it all in a few months), that lady who works with Rich gave us a lot, we'll hit up Craigslist and garage sales for random toys and Goodwill maybe for a dresser.
  The only things I'd like new is a stroller/carseat, glider with ottoman, camera (*haha*), mattress, playpen and bassinet. I think that's all.... *haha*

  All the first trimester sypmptoms have followed me into week 18, with no signs of letting up. The morning sickness/dry heaves are the worst - I hate the feeling of wanting to throw up all the time. The food aversions suck, it's so hard to find something I can eat. I recently started eating more the last two weeks, but it comes down to finding food I can/want to eat. *haha* Constantly going to pee, consitapted beyond belief, crazy dreams, lack of sleep (the 2 hour nap helps)...... hopefully they'll let up ina  few weeks and give me some time to be normal again.

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  1. So glad to hear that things are going well for you! Seems like yesterday you were just finding out you were pregnant and now you are half way done! :)


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