Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's so hard to pick! & Edit

  We've been going through different sites to find baby bedding we like - and boy is it tough! I have to say, if it was a girl this would be so much easier - they just don't make as cute boy bedding! It's sad.
  I'm finally at my wits end on the bedding... it's the center of the entire room. I can't buy stuff to decorate with until I know what the bedding looks like... adn I can't figure out what I like! Gah.

  Me and Rich are both picky on what we like - I'll go through and save a bunch of links and we'll sit down and narrow it down. At one point I swear we had close to 50 or more, and narrowed it down to around 12 I think. Big step!

  So I pulled Rich in here and told him to pick his top 3 - he went with 4. *lol*
Different and modern
He's a huge fan of this guy
He thinks this is cute
And his alternate

  I like things that are bright - or that I can add pops of color into the room. I don't like anything to cutesy, or that can't grow with them past a year old. I want something of good quality that we can keep for another baby (if we do that, lol) and will still be nice.
I think this is beautiful
I do like the modern-ness of this..
And this
This would be a happy room
And finally, this

  We can't pick for nothing... it's too hard. We're 5 months in - I'll be 20 weeks this coming friday! We need to pick already!

** Edit **

  I came across this set later and thought it'd be cute. We can always buy different Dr. Seauss sheets from places online - and then decorate kind of like this.

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