Sunday, June 27, 2010

And it's a BOY!

Yep, you can see his "twigs and berries" pretty darn good. I'll have to scan it but for now it's a picutre of he sonogram from my phone. *lol*

I cried - ok, so I paniked cried... there really is something growing in my belly. And it has a penis. *lol*

Thank you Mom and Kelly for coming down adn going with me since Rich couldn't be there - it made my day!

Since Rich didn't get to go, we decided to suprise him with what the baby was by buying stuff and letting him open it when he finally got home from work.  

He was trying to decide if he really wanted to open it and find out - I could have made him wait until sunday (appointment was on thursday) for Father's Day and then find out - but I couldn't keep that a secret that long.

He goes for it and finds a blue blanket, a toy train, and a doggie clip that goes on the car seat.

Look at that smile :)

And then he spots the "goods" on the sonogram.

This photo melts my heart... he's going to be an amazing daddy.

While mom was in we got some light shopping done - she bought some of the below and we did the other. I can't wait to pick things up for this baby boy!


  1. Congrats you two!

    And sweetest post. Ever. Those pics honey? Priceless! So happy for you and Rich!


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