Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trip to the ER

Sunday night I ended up in the ER - when I had gotten two bites down of a hot dog, I had this intense crampy around the bottom of my sternum, and it wouldn't stop. I got Rich to make me a milkshake instead hoping it'd help - I got one sip out. I ended up in the bathroom where I puked so hard I felt my back pop and just cried. I've only thrown up twice since getting pregnant, and both times have been that hard, and I don't usually just bawl afterwards - I'm a pro at puking and just going. *lol*

I just writhed in pain, I tried laying down, on my stomach, standing, on my sides and nothing worked. It just kept getting worse and worse! Finally I told Rich we were going to go to the ER - and, trust me, I don't go unless I HAVE to - and let's face it, paying $200 out of pocket isn't great either to go. *lol*

We throw clothes on, and head on up - thankfully we live just over a mile from it, so I didn't have to sit in pain very long. It wasn't packed - like normal - and only waited about 10 minutes or so, and were taken back. (I had people staring at me because I was just rocking and moaning, but hey, it hurt like hell.)

After I go into the lovely robe they supplied, laid on the bed and just moaned loudly, the nurse came in to find out what was wrong. (We got back to the room right as the movie "Old School" was starting, and were home before the endiing - talk about fast!) Told her what'd happened, and all that jazz and she gave me an I.V. - which I let her do willingly, and that doesn't happen very often either! Doc came in, told teh same thing, did a urine test to confirm I was knocked up, and then sat for a while.

Nurse came back and gave me a shot of Zofran to help since I'd thrown up, and then one of Morphine. I've never had that before (that I can remember) and wow.... it felt like someone was sitting on my chest and I couldn't breathe! I was already having a hard time from the pain and where it was, but now this too? *lol* They said my face got a bit red, and kept fanning me with a tissue box and said I just had to wait it out. It took a while, but I was finally able to breathe again like a normal person.

They had me wait about 20-30 minutes after the shot to make sure I was ok, and then sent me home for the night. *lol*

The doctor said he thought it was an espogheal spasm, and to follow up with my OB the next day, so that's what I did. The OB figures it was just that, and now has me on Zantac in hopes of preventing aother one. Ohhhh please Lord, don't let it happen again - that was beyond painful. Seriously, waking up from havin the lapband put in hurt less!

While at the OB doctor they looked for the heartbeat again - and found it! Rich just had this big grin on his face, oh I loved it. He recorded it on the cell phone and plays it all the time. *lol* It was beating at 167 I do believe, so it's going stroong.

Rich stayed home with me that day, had to take off, and just kept an eye on me. I didn't sleep after getting home from teh hosptial - I was too afraid it'd happen again, so I was exhausted by the time we got home. I took at 3.5-4 hour nap! *lol*

I'm back to eating regular foods for the most part, just being very, very easy with them and so far I'm ok. ::Knock on wood::

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  1. Poor thing!! I had beyond horrible morning sickness...and I can't imagine that pain!

    I hope you are feeling better sweetie. How far along are you? I'm still so excited for you guys!



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