Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blog from the daddy-to-be

I’ve been married to the same wonderful woman for over 5 and half years, and I have some of the greatest in-laws anybody could ever ask for. So I ask you what could be better than a great life with a great family? Well in March 2010, I got my answer, after some trying times in our life, what with me being medically separated from the army and moving to Florida to start a new life, with no family even remotely close; we found out that we are pregnant! It seams surreal to be able to say it, because I’ll tell you, for a while I never thought it would come, it seemed like something was always in the way. Either it was too soon or we were in a financial slump, or we were involved in a wreck. You know it’s funny I always told Missy that I had the shittiest pair of parents out there, and now that I think back on it… I was right they taught me nothing except how not to be a parent, and because I was never really showed what a parent should be I was scared for a long time that I was going to end up like my father and have a child that completely despises me. But on May 20th 2010, Melissa and I went to hear our baby’s heart beat for the first time, as I sat there with missy wondering how I felt about this whole ordeal the nurse came in with this thing that could only be described as one of those voice changing toys they sell at Wal-Mart. The nurse tried and tried to find the baby’s heart beat my own heart sank lower and lower starting to over come with deep and utter fear, but after what seemed like a life time the nurse decided to talk to the doctor, who by the way is one of the coolest doctors I’ve seen in a long time. He kind of reminds me of the one episode on friends where the OB/GYN, (Ha didn’t think I knew how to write that did ya), is obsessed with Arther Fonzareli, or as he like to put it, THE FONZ. So he took us back to another room that looked like a mix between a office and a weird peverted video game. As we sat there looking at the screen the doctor finally found our little baby and when you looked at it you could see this little flicker and that was what the doctor described to us is the heart beat. Talking about a rush of mixed emotions, and all this time I was over come by this tidal wave of euphoria and baby high. So you ask your self sometimes when do you know if your ready for kids? Well I tell you this, you just know, and at that I point I realized that no one can teach you to be a great parent, either you are one or your not, and I know that if I model myself after the greatest parents I know I’ll be a great parent, because they are not only great parents, they are astounding grandparents as well, and they are my inlaws.


  1. Congratulations!!! I know the feeling. We're having a baby too and I can't wait!

  2. Aw, great post.

    I'm in tears & I'm so happy for you both! I'm positive you two are going to fantastic parents.

  3. Congrats - beautifully written post!


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