Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm alive!

  I'm alive and well - the computer gave me morning sickness, so I had to stay off of it. To be honest, it still makes me want to hurl, but if I limit myself to less than 30 minutes it's not toooo bad. Ok, I lie, it's horrible - but I'm glad my girly doctor called me in some Zofran, and it helps.
  Besides wanting to walk around with a puke bucket the last few weeks, I've been doing ok. I'm tired, so a two hour nap is usually scheduled in my day somewhere. (Come on, I'm a SAHW, I don't do much!) Rich has picked up the slack around the house, which makes me so happy - the cleaners can sometimes make me sick.
  Food is another story.... I'm having a hard time finding things that I want to eat, let alone ones that won't make me sick. Yesterday I ordered a pizza for lunch, and wow... it was good. Then Rich got Whataburger for dinner, and I thought I was in heaven. (Granted, when I ate the other half of the burger earlier today for lunch, it's now clogged my port and making me want to yell, but whatever, it tasted good.) So the hunt is on to find something that makes me happy.

  My blood pressure dropped last weekend pretty low, and made me really dizzy and sick feeling. The bottom number was 40 for most of the day, the top was about 20 points low as well - and I run low to begin with!
  When I talked to the nurse this week she said it was normal, and not to worry. Ok... but what number shouuld I start worrying at when it's low?! *lol* So I've  started taking a reading everyt few days, but mainly when I'm feeling down.

  The nurse also called me a few days ago to tell me I have a UTI, and I wasn't aware of it. *lol* I've never had one, so ok.... I've got meds to take, and to drink lots and lots of water to help. Check. I'm trying. Today's the first day, and since I'm clogged from Whataburger, it's been a challenge to get water down, but I'll get there.
  And speakig of drinking - I do have an odd craving.... cokes! I haven't had one since a month+ before lapband surgery in '08, but dangit... I want some, so I got it. Rich gave me a sip of his Diet Pepsi zeor or something like that, and the fizz is really low (I let it also sit out for about 20 minutes). Then yesterday he brought me my favorite coke... a Dr. Pepper. Oh yum. Oh, oh, oh yum. :) I'm limiting the intake, obviously, but it's nice. (Plus tea has been giving me indigestion)

  I've also asked Rich if he'd like to blog on here from time-to-time, so hopefully he will. Plus, if I'm sick and can't get on, it'll atleast have some post on here from someone, and that's what matters. *lol*
  He's been doing great.... he's beyond excited about hearing the heartbeat this month - we go on the 20th.
  We thought we'd get to have an ultrasound, but my doctor only does two (unless medically needed), one around the 14-16th weeks to find out what you're havig (yes, mom and dad, we're *considering* not finding out, pushy people. *lol*)  and than at 28 weeks. So that sucks, but it'll work.

  Ok... and now starting to get sick. Off to go sit for a bit, and cool down - I'm burning up today. *lol*


  1. I hope you get to feeling better. You make me NOT want to get preggers! :P

  2. Glad to hear you are doing good minus the sick feeling, hopefully that will pass soon!


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