Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oldies, but goodies

We watched the "Gamer" movie two weekends ago, and I was just bored. And appauled. I swear it was thought up and directed by a horny 15 year old boy with all the freakin' boobs and sex scenes. Ya know, if I wanted to see that much, I'd just watch a porn instead, ok? Seriously, make a good movie.
So afterwards I felt that my mind was numb, and needed a good older movie - so off to the bookshelf I went.

That night I went with "Shag" - if you haven't seen it, you must - but I also had the urge to watch "3 Men and Baby/Lady" (Seriously, the crush on Tom Selleck spurred from this movie, and lives on strong! Yum.), "PCU", "Strike" and many others. Several Molly Ringwald ones. Just really, really good 80s/90s movies.
I need those. They make me happy when Hollywood puts out another piece of crap. Um, have you seen "GI Joe"? Crap. Watch a good oldie instead. :)


  1. Now I'm definitely going to stay away from 'Gamer'. I really had high hopes for it but I'm not even gonna waste my time, thanks!

    The hubs just recently got me to watch PCU & I loved it...80/90's movies rock!

  2. My husband told me about that movie and said it was basically a PORNO!!! EW!!!

    That being said...didn't it have Gerard Butler? Umm...Gerard+porno... = I'm going to H-E double hockeysticks.


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