Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's gettin' hot----errr, COLD in here!

Here's our living room the other day - notice anything?

Do I really need two blankets and a Slanket?! (oh, these things are amazing!)One would think not, but I think I do. See the black blanket - the other side is Yoda, and it's Rich's. It's two yards tall, and it's a no-tie. That day all the animals decided it was there to snuggle up on. The tie-dye blanket is mine, and it was used to cover my feet... while I was wearing the Slanket. *lol*
The living room stays cold in the winter, it only has one vent and it could have been insulated a bit better since it's a converted garage.
I'd like to say that I only keep blankets in the living room, but any given time there's one at the foot of my side of the bed, and a basket full for any other occassion. With the tile floor throughout the house, it stays colder, so I have blankets... and the thermostat up to 75 when Rich is at work. Shhh!

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  1. Blankets are a must. I'm actually all bundled up right now as we speak :)


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