Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm going to be violated

Beware - this involved poop. Yep, dookie.

I went to my regular doctor yesterday about my pooping issues - or lack there of. I'm not going to go into detail on the internet - besides, I already talked to the parents about it today. *lol*
But since having the lapband done a year+ ago, my stomach issues have gone from already bad, to really, really painfully worse.
So, my adorably cute doctor (seriously, out of 3 PCM's, 2 of mine have turned out to be freakin' adorable! And lets not even get started on how freakin' awesomely funny my OB/GYN's have been - how many do you know would ask if the whoo-whoo ring I got hurt?! Awesome doctors.) gave me a RX for Colace - which I was able to get over the counter.
He's got me on one pill, twice a day - and since you've not scared me, Mom, about how much I'm goig to be the queen of the thrown, I can't stop them. Oh, add in the Benafyber chewables I have to eat twice a day.
Fun, fun, potty fun!

I'm also going to get a colonoscopy done sometime soon. (Dad, if I can go through this violation, you can too! Now take your butt to the doctor!) I'm terrified knowing that they'll be taking a tour of my colon via a camera - and come on, the idea of having a tube ran up your butt isn't appealing to anyone really. But, it's gotta be done to make sure everything is A-Ok.
Rich will obviously be my person there to take me an dpick me up since I'll be sedated - who else would? That'd be a funny phone call to someone though.

So, send a prayer upstairs that there isn't anything hunkering down in there, and it's just irritable bowel syndrome.

Ok, I just want to say 'poop' one more time... and dookie.


  1. Prayers that everything will go well!!!

  2. Oh man, you poor thing. I had IBS for years (it appears to mostly be in remission, although now I have severe GERD, which I actually hate more). In the past two years I've had to do an endoscopy AND a colonoscopy, and I hate to say it, but the colonoscopy was a billion times worse--but only because of the prep. (Although the laxative they gave me, which was HELLISH and literally the worst physical experience of my life, is apparently no longer on the market. My mom had hers a few weeks after I did using a different drug, and she said it was fine.) The procedure itself is a piece of cake--and I had a sigmoid, so I was awake the whole time! I hope yours goes well and that the results are good!

  3. Art had a colonoscopy done and it wasn't a big deal because he was totally drugged.

    Here is to hoping that you start spending some more time on the throne and have less pain!

  4. Thanks for your comments--glad to know I'm not the only woman who feels that way. :) It's weird, wanting two exactly opposite things at once.

    So when my IBS was really bad I was an undergrad and most of my medical care was from the school's AWFUL health clinic--the sigmoidoscopy I had to do was actually after that, when the IBS had cleared up some. But, yeah, IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion, so I would imagine that they're doing the colonoscopy to rule out any other causes to know how to proceed. If you're like me, haha, then that's a HUGE relief because your mind has been going crazy wondering if it's something else/worse. (I can't even count how many times I worked myself into a frenzy thinking it HAD to be colon cancer, or ulcerative colitis, etc. But, of course, my colon's fine, haha.) Do you have a gastroenterologist/PCP you like? That was SO important to me--for a long time I felt like no one was taking my seriously because of my age, which was totally frustrating. (But obviously your drs must be pretty proactive if you're getting a colonoscopy!)

    Also, it actually wasn't especially painful. They kind of puff air inside your colon, which was uncomfortable in the way that gas is, but definitely not really bad. But of course you'll be out, so you won't feel a thing! :) The prep, as I said, was horrrrrrrrible, but it also sounds like they've improved it since I've done it. But when it comes time for yours feel free to email me ( or whatever if you wanted tips or just to vent. (I came up with some fairly creative recipes that fit within the liquid diet!) Good luck :)

  5. There's an award for you on my blog.

  6. That's quite an ordeal ... good luck with the "invasion"! I had an endoscopy done when I was 7 months pregnant and was wide awake for the procedure. I read your profile ... it's a small world ... I used to be stationed at Eglin and had friends at the EOD school a few years ago. After leaving Eglin we moved to Ellsworth where I was the Section Commander for 28th Combat Engineers ... EOD made up a good chunk of our SQ. We deployed a lot of troops out of EOD. Please thank your husband for his service ... and thanks to you for your service as a military spouse! P.S. Glad you liked my "Book of Love" ... thanks for stopping by Our Journey!

  7. I had all kinds of "probes" up there after I had my gallbladder out and was having all sorts of bowel...."issues". Not fun. Especially not the barium enema thing that leaves you pooping white. You knew I couldn't comment without using the word "poop"... ;)


  8. LOL! Okay THAT was funny.

    Luckily since my band nothing bad has happened in that reigon...Plus being off metformin, and eating like..."normal" foods...veggies, meats, etc... it's a lot easier to be um..."regular".

    Good luck with the poo cam!

  9. Oh I'm so sorry that you are having to go through this but WOW this was one funny post and you have such a good outlook despite the circumstances! whew! Hope that everything is ok.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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