Thursday, February 18, 2010

A little update

Last friday I met with the P.A. for the colonoscopy doctor, and the date for the procedure is March 5th. Ugh. I went ahead and got my half gallon of meds and pills, so I'm ready for when the time comes. Lucky me.

That same day, while on my way to the doctors office, it snowed here in Florida. Now it wasn't like y'all got back home in east TX, but it was enough to keep a smile on my face all day. *lol* It snowed pretty  hard for about 20-30 minutes, and then was gone. It was so cold, I loved it.

Jesse James always looks like he's been tortured, and we're letting him rest. *lol*
He got mad at us last night becuase I threw away his blanket (I need to get more plain fleece to make them more), so he got on our bed and refused to move for a while.

I washed Bo's collars the other day, and I have to say we have a little big problem, but to top it off, I havenn't bought him any in over a year and a half. So, yea.... these are all his old ones. *lol* I love putting him in funky collars, but it seems all the ones I like are more girly, and they don't make too many cute boy ones.

In the mornings/late evenings my fingers are so freakin' cold that I slip on my wrist warmers - they're so nice and fuzzy. I didn't get to wear this this winter much, but Ive been making up for it in the house the last two months

I was outside the other day and this is what the sky looked like. It was amazing! Rich, of course, made fun of me for taking pictures of the sky, but whatever. It's awesome looking, and he's just jealous he didn't get to the camera first.

Wishful thinking.

We don't really do Valentine's Day, I tell him that I'd rather him do something nice/sweet for me any other day of the week. Ok, and hate dislike the traffic.

So this time I did somethig for him for V-Day. I had a doctors appointment last friday, so I had the car, so I made a quick trip to Walmart. I got him a dozen roses (and lets just say that helping out at the florist when I lived at home didn't help, I swear I squezzed every freakin' rose bulb to find the perfect batch!), some peanut butter M&M's, and I made him white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.... from scratch. :)

He can't have the cookies very often 'cause he'll devore them, so I figured I'd make him a batch since I never have. And I didn't get a pictures... because they're gone. *lol* He said they were awesome, I didn't try 'em since I don't like them, but I'll have to make them again in a few months.

 And maybe send some to you, Dad, since they're you're favorite too.

I noticed the other day that I have a lot of cookbooks... A lot for me anyway.

I haven't gotten to try them all out, yet, but I'm getting around to it. I'm really excited about the two on the far left that Mom got me - I finally got a muffin pan on V-Day clearance from Walmart, so sometime soon they'll get made.

I have a cookbook in there somewhere from one of my old best friends, and it's one to teach kids to cook. Yea, I sucked at cooking in high school, so it was a Christmas gift way back when. It's actually pretty darn cute, and I refuse to get rid of it.

I really, really want the Poineer Woman cookbook - I love her blog, and tried out a few of her recipes, and I can only imagine how much fun I'd have with it.

On Valentine's Day when everyone else was out doing Valetine's Day stuff, we went grocery shopping. *lol* Since our income tax return was beyond small, we had to  figure out what all to get. Rich got his work clothes/boots, and I still needed to put some meat in the deep freeze. It wasn't anywhere near enough to my liking, but we'll buy some on each payday.

We hit up Winn Dixie (which was really the first time we've shopped there for meat) because they had a BOGO sale going on, then Pic N Save for their Little Debbie snacks (they sale stuff at cost), then Walmart for everything else.

In the picture below we're missing 40 lbs of cat litter (yes, 40), big package of toilet paper and I think 4 other sacks. We got quiet a bit, so I'm happy.


  1. So many collars, you sort of make me feel bad for not having more than one for each of my furry babies.

    We love muffins in our house because of their portability. Let me know how that book is when you start to try things from it:)

    Your squeezing the flowers reminds me of myself and chocolate. I worked for Godiva for a while and still can't stand eating cheap chocolate. Not to mention that I can tell you how it is made, what temp it should be stored in, etc.

  2. Oh my, is Pic n Save still around? I grew up in Fl and they did away with them in my area (Putnam County) so I thought there were no more at all. That sure brings back memories.
    Thanks for visiting my blog & entering my giveaway.
    Good Luck!

  3. Pioneer Woman's cookbook is amazing. I love it. And now want to cook every single recipe in it :)

    Love the roses--and the cookies sound amazing!


  4. Ooh, pretty flowers!

    Glad you got the colonoscopy scheduled--good luck!!

  5. You know what poo is funny for some reason so I had to make a post about that comment you left. lol

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering to win the Pet Bed.

    I see you are interested in winning the Rachel Ray set. Try doing a google search for CSN and the set I believe I saw a Giveaway on a blog last week for it. Unfortunately I have no idea where.


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