Saturday, February 27, 2010

Summer's a comin'!

  We spent a few days this week pressure washing the house, cement and patio furniture. Ok, ok... so I did a lot of it while Rich was at work, but it was worth it. I've got an infatuation with the pressure washer now - I must have one.

  Since the house has vinyl siding, it needed to be done from all the rain we got in the past year, and that didn't end up taking us but a few hours. I did half the driveway (the bottom half was fine), the walkway to the front door, front porch, patio furniture, and the back patios.

  We were given the patio furniture last weekend  by our neighbor, it was really our first time to ever talk to her, and it was pretty nasty because she left it out in the elements.
  So I spent a large portion of one day washing it all by hand - my fingers could only last aout 20-30 minutes in teh cold water, I had to come in every time to warm them up. *lol* But, I got a lot of the gunk off of it, but it's going to need a good bleaching done, so I'll do it on a warmer day.
Before, and after.
She gave us four chairs, the glass table and a bench that matches the set. We've just gotta go get cushions for them all and an umbrella and we'll be set for summer!

  The cement patios needed to be done, but we didn't know how bad they were until we sprayed it. Yuuuuck! (And that was Rich who put our initals on it, silly husband.) Now they look all nice and clean... until it rains again this year, and we'll do it all over again!

  We looked at pools at Walmart today to guesstimate how big the one our neighbor gave us is (she gave us a ton of stuff since she had no way tto move it all), and it lookslike it's a 20', and is 4' deep. Nice. :) We've just go to b uy a new pump for it, level the ground and we're good to go!

  I've enjoyed this nice cool weather, but I have to admit, I'm looking forward to some mid 70's - which we know it's just going to jump straight up to 80s, then 100's before we know it. I want to go sit outside, BBQ and just enjoy it all.


  1. oooooohhhhhhhh summer is coming after all

  2. Good luck with the pool...LOL! I could stand to never see another above ground one again :). We had quite the adventure with one in summer of 2008 !


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