Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thank you 5 Minute Giveaways!

Two weeks ago I got an email from 5 Minute Giveaways saying I'd won the new HP Touchsmart 600 PC - I as beyond excited! We'd been talking about how we hopefully got enough on income taxes to look into buying a new laptop or something, and then I got the email saying I'd won.
Rich was skeptical, he didn't believe we'd actually won it - so much so that he made a deal with me. If it actually came he'd clean the computer room to make room for it. The computer room is usually his place to play around on the desktop (I keep the laptop on the dining room table, natrually. *lol*), the cats' literbox is in there, and it was messy. It'd been giving me anxiety because I just didn't want to mess with it - and now I didn't have to! (I do need to clean the extra room that we use as for our crafts, lol)
Saturday we were laying in bed with the doorbell went off, and it was Fed Ex. With a huge box. :) Rich opened it up and said "I'll be damned, guess I got a room to clean today." Score! So he spent the day cleaning that room while I did the Christmas tree.

Let me just say that I'm loving the Touchsmart! For one, the screen is 23 inches - it's massive! Our desktop screen is 17" and the laptop if 19" - and then we have this big monster now. *lol* The picture on it is amazing, everything is so clear, and in HD. It's pure love.
We're going to use it soley for surging the internet, nothing will be saved on it, so its pretty funny I'm typing all this up on hte laptop since I have the pictures on here, then I'll go play online on the new one. It works.

So, again, Thank you 5 Minute Giveaways and HP - you rock!


  1. Congrats you lucky girl!! That is AWESOME!!

    So happy for you!!

  2. how amazing and super fantastic

  3. Sweet! I'd love a new PC. You're one lucky girl :)


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