Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Tree OCD

Mom, I'm going to blame you for this - it ranks right up there with my need to break out a toothbrush on the tile floors. Gah.

Every year I want a theme for my tree, and Rich doesn't understand this. In his house every one just put stuff on the tree, and that was it. I grew up with a themed tree - which we weren't allowed to help decorate until I hit high school - and nothing just got thrown on it, it had it's purpose and place.
I do my tree that way, and it drives him batty. This is why we put up two trees this year - and he was going to decorate his, but never got around to it, so I did both. He can't complain this year, he had his chance!

Our tree likeness is different, and it interfers with how it's done. He likes colored lights, I like clear - I did cave last year and he got to put up colored lights on our porch. *lol* He likes our personal ornaments to be put on the tree, and I don't because it messes up the theme - my solution is to buy a small tree (maybe they'll go on clearance at the end of this year), and make that our ornament tree. He loves the idea of our future kids putting ornament on the tree, and it freaks me out because they're not going to put them where it should go - solution is to buy them there own tree to decorate. *lol* He likes to mix all the colors of the rainbow on his tree, I like the idea of keeing it more simple - and I lvoe the idea of our white tree having black and silver balls, he things it's morbid.
So you can tell that it's difficult for us to come to an agreement every year.

We decided to not buy new ornaments for the 6ft white tree in our living room since we bought them last year, and there isn't anything wrong with them. That tree is done with orange balls and silver trim - it's a UT Longhorn tree! *lol* Rich wanted one last year, and we happened to find the colors for it. I need to order a UT treeskirt, I saw them online last year.
The big 8ft green tree my parents gave us last year is in our dining room - it has the most space for such a massive tree, the base is huge! For some reason I have a hard time now putting colors on agreen tree, even though its' what I grew up with - I find that whhite trees are easier to decorate because it's just a blank canvas of white.
Well last weeks sale paper from Walmart had these bright green balls with red, and I loved them! (Not neon green, we did that our our first tree with hot pink, bright blue and silver.) So off to Walmart I went and got six boxes of shatterproof ornaments (remmeber, we have cats!), 9 piece of red trim (I got the cheap stuff this year, next year I want the good thick garland), 150 ft of green beads (at Big Lots for $2 for 50ft!), and 600 lights (next year I"ll put 800) and an LED lighted bow (which I think is too small for the tree, but Rich loved it).
It took me 2.5 hours to finish the tree, and I love it. :) I took pictures before we added our personal ornaments - I caved this year and put themon the tree! He was so excited. *lol* I took anothe rpicture with the ornaments on it as well.

Last night Rich came through the dining room, and I had all the lights off in the house, and all I heard was "Wow!", he came back in and said that the tree was really nice. Made me happy. :)


  1. Your trees look great! I love the theme :-) And your pictures are so pretty from the Christmas Party...sorry it wasn't all that fun, but you looked great!

  2. Yay! I got on to your blog! I love the red and green, it looks so pretty.


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