Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Company Christmas party

When we RSVPed to the company Christmas party, I had to be on the hunt for something dressy to wear - they said it was basically "Sunday best", and I don't own anything like that anymore. *lol* I don't dress up, I can't stand dresses most of the time and I can't walk in heels.... at all. I think I've worn heels two or three times in my life, so it was going to be interesting if had to wear some.

I decided that I wasn't going to spend a ton of money - even though I found some cute outfits at Lane Bryant, but who wants to spend $100+ on an outfit I may wear once? Not me. So I hit up my all time favorite store, Target.
I tried on some cute grey slacks (that felt so yummy) with a white tank top and an argyle sweater over it. I stood in the dressing room because it looked so good! I was amazed at how nice it looked, and wanted it so bad. Total the outfit would have cost $60, and that didn't include shoes. I wasn't willing to pay that.
Second outfit was a dress - me and Rich both agreed that it looked ugly on the hanger, normally I wouldn't have even botered with it, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a whirl. Turns out that dress was actually cute on! Rich loved the dress and asked if I would get it instead, so I did. I love how it came with it's own built in "fat holder material" underneath - it reminded me of Spanx. And it was only $30, so I figured why not.
With the dress being black I wanted some shoes with color, something that'd pop! Did Target have any heels that I could walk in? No. Not for 3 freakin' paydays! I gave up and hit up Bealls Outlet (if you have one of these stores, they're awesome! Not regular Bealls, the outlet.) and Payless, and there wasn't much there. I got a patent leather low heel from Payless, but I knew it wouldn't look right, so I took them back. I just so happened to be going through my closet and found a pair of heels that weren't too high - and to be honest, I don't remember why I have them! - and they worked great with the dress.
I paired it with a pearl necklace (albeit fake) that I got after my grandmother died, a pair of (fake) pearl earrings - again, don't know where I got them from - red polish and I was good to go!

We had a harder time looking for Rich shirts. He's a big boy, but he's got a really long torso (whereas I'm mostly leg), so it makes it difficult to find shirts that are long enough - he's more long than wide.
We found a shirt at Beall's Outlet, it wasn't one we both loved, but it worked. And it was only $8, so we went with it.

The Christmas party was being held at the Palms Hotel in Destin, so we made our 30 minute treck out that way, got there early and found a table to sit at. I finally got to meet guys he talks about all the time - and let me say, one of the guys our age gave the best handshake ever, and another looked me in the eye when he talked to me, which I like. Rich thought it was funny when I told him I liked the cute young guy who made me weak in the knees with his handshake. I'm weird, that's been established. *lol*
They served dinner - well, it was actually a buffet. You could tell a woman did the planning - it was all cheese and crackers (which I liked) on one table, the other was cold veggies, stuffed mushrooms (which I ate the meat out of it, I dislike mushrooms) and some nasty cheese. The warm meat was ham, and then they had a cold fish bar. I was not happy. Oh, but the dessert table was nice. *lol* Talking like a true fatty.
I got me two piece of shrimp to try, and quickly regretted it - it was cold, had a strong smokey flavor and it took everything I could not to spit it out! I can't remember what movie I thought of, but the main character said that if you eat something you don't like, swallow it and never touch it again - never psit into the napkin. *lol* So I did just that... while gagging.

After everyone ate the ownder of the company spoke and then they handed out their bonuses. Let's just say tha tlast year Rich got $50 for being here less than two months, and what'd he get for a year? $84 - it was orginally $125, but it got taxed. He was not happy. From what Rich said yesterday, none of the guys were happy about hwo it all went down. So we left.
We decided to go hit up the Blockbuster that's going out of busniness and see if there were any movies we anted to buy - they ahd them for $5, and seasons for $11!
After that we picked me up something to eat - remember I don't eat seafood, and then came home.

We took pictures before we went to Destin, I wish we'd gotten the tree decorated before hand. Oh well.


  1. Y'all are sooo cute! And your dress looks gorgeous!

    I hate it when you go to company functions and the food isn't exactly what you had hoped it would be. Such a bummer.


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