Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Every year we buy ornmants - we pick one for ourselves, then one for us together, then each of the animals get one. Yep, we're "those" people. *lol*

Rich is a UT Longhorn fan, so he's got several of those - matter of fact one is missing from the picture. He's got a few Army related ones from when he was in that was given to us, the Texas one I got last year for him at a fair. The one laying on the TX one is actually an egg, his uncle makes them. He was a huge Spongebob fan our frist year of marriage, so he's got those, and he still loves Family Guy, so why not put Stewie on your tree? :)

Next is Bocephus. We were so excited to come across the boston terrier ornmant last year at Kohl's before we moved here. I also got Bo an ornamnet at the fair I got Rich's, and then ones for a picture of him. Mom made him the one ornament.

My section :) The Stocking and bear are from when I was little. The Elvis one came from my best friend since I'm a fan, and the Sheriff one is from my aunt since she calls me that. The others are misc ones I've picke dup because I liked them.

Our section - the gold ornament has a picture of my best friends daughter and used to have her voice recorded on it, but someting happened and doesn't work anymore. The long white tube ornament is a favorite of ours- you turn the heart on the bottom and it says how many Christmases you've been together - it goes up to 50 or 75 years. The lobster I got us last year - we're huge "Friends" fans, and we always say we're each others lobsters, hence th eornament. We've got the heart one for our first year married/together, same froe the "newlywed" couple.

The cats we just started - and I still haven't putlast yeras pictures in the two with frames! Eck.

We still havent' gotten this years ornaments, so we've gotta go find them and add to our collection. I'm hoping to get a smaller 3 foot tree at the end of this season to put away so that I can have a whole tree dedicated to just ornaments. :)

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  1. very cute ornaments wonder what you will get this year


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