Friday, November 27, 2009


We actually cooked our turkey the day before since my oven is smaller, we mixed up the dressing (which was my first time making it!), and had it ready to go. We figured it'd be easier to do it this way instead of us having to get up really early and doig it all - we wanted to sleep in. *lol*
We got up aRound 930-ish that yesterday and cooked the dressing, green bean casserole and Rich made the deviled eggs. Oh I couldn't wait to eat!
We sat down around 12-1230 and made our plates up. I knew that since I hadn't stretched my stomach much that morning that I wasn't going to get down buy a bite or two - and that's exactly what happened. I was so bummed! Everything looked so good and I wasn't able to eat it. *lol* At that moment I was upset with my band - come on, it's Thanksgiving!
After we ate we went ahead and cleaned the kitchen, started the dishwasher, put the food up and went to watch a movie in bed - you never know when the turkey coma is going to take you down. *lol*
Oh, and did I mention that we did all this without getting out of our PJ's?! Yep, we went really casual, Rich in pj pants and me in sweats. Nice. :)
We ened up watching "Angels & Demons" (I looove Dan Brown's novels, I have them all.), which was good, and "GI Joe" which I didn't like and Rich did. Go figure.
Other than that, we finished watching our season 2 of "Bones", moved to the third and went to bed around 1am. Not a productive day, but we enjoyed our Thanksgiving!


  1. we were all really casual as well because I was in sweats most of the day

  2. we watched Angels and Deamons the night before, I only got like 3 bites down as well I was so mad!!!!

  3. Sounds like what my & my husbands night would have been if our parents didnt want to have dinner with us. We're totally mellow & relaxed people so your night sounds like the perfect night to me.

    I havent gotten around to watching that movie, I sort of wanted to read the book first but I've heard good things so I might just have to watch it & then read the book later.


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