Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Come on winter!

Ok Winter - I've brought out and washed the beanies, scarves and gloves - now I'm waiting on you.

I actually brought out our "winter clothes" about a month and a half ago - so I've got this huge pile of sweats, sweaters, hoodies and jackets in our craft room in a chair waiting to be used.

I do have sweatpants I wear around the house on lazy days, but I'm ready to wear my hoodies. Last year we were able to get away with just that since it didn't stay overly cold here like it does back home in Texas these two months.

I need cold weather... it makes me happy - and my Christmas spirit is dwindling right now. I've got one tree up and decorated, only to find out that the tippy-top of the tree's lights aren't working (and, yes, I checked them before putting them on the tree), and Rich has to figure out why they stopped working. I don't want to take everything off. My big tree is in our dining room and doesn't have decorations yet since we can't decide on what colors to do it in (the smaller big tree is done in UT colors again this year), so that is taking away from my spirit as well. Now it does look "fall-y" in here though... but still.

I've got my knock-off uggs waiting to be worn, I'm drinking hot cocoa, and the AC on at night because my down comforter we use at winter is making me hot. Seriously Winter, hurry up.

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  1. Dito.

    It's 72 degrees outside & all I want to do is wear my winter clothes. I love living in CA but I find myself wishing I lived in Washington right now. Hopefully December will bring slightly colder weather so we can both wear out winter clothes :)


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